PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Yvonne Nelson, Nadia Buari, Menaye Donkor and Juliet Ibrahim

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Nadia Buari
Nadia Buari

Actress-Juliet Ibrahim has decided to take a break from those long weaves—and she proudly shared a photo of herself, rocking her natural hair. She made sure people got to know she was rocking her natural hair by mentioning it, an indication that there is some sort of pride in that natural hair.

Nadia Buari is looking fab and you can see from the above photo that her many gym sessions in the last few months have had an impact—you can’t miss that well toned body.

Check below for photos from Menaye Donkor, Yvonne Nelson and Juliet Ibrahim

Yvonne Nelson1

Nadia Buari1

Nadia Buari2

Menaye Donkor1

Juliet Ibrahim1


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  1. Eii u these local champions koraa what shd we do for u?all u no is senseless posing n seeking cheap as5ss attention.. Mrtcheew. Do something better to impact our nation..fake

  2. This unlooking pose of Nadia should start being commercial really. Book shows, get on stage and just unlook for 30 mins. Juliet Ibrahim looks like her village witches came out to play. YVONNE doing the boss chick salute with your orange titties

  3. NADIA tell them he’s better than Jim Iyke. No spells, no black mind. Real guy making life beautiful n colorful! U rock, darling.

  4. Nadia, Menaye, my Brazilian potato not doing bad, n, erm, save some of the potato chips bcoz I will coming over soon the Lol…thank God u don’t have the sword today all I see is the long braids…

    1. Am sure those legs looks better than your momma and grannies. Do you know what it takes to create human beings? ugly thang learn to respect celebrities.