How Was Your Weekend GC Family? | It Was Exciting for Me Out Here…

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My Weekend
My Weekend

My best friend got engaged this Saturday, making this weekend one of my busiest and exciting.

I’ve known her for almost 20 years and I was so happy to see her get married to his on-off boyfriend who she is madly in love with.

You know that bad boy that a woman loves so much but he keeps appearing and disappearing and no matter the advice you give to the woman, the man still finds his way back into her heart? That was the situation between my friend and her man for 11 years.

But the truth this, he is the only person who makes her happy and I was excited for them—I just hope he does not disappear now that he has gotten her engaged (traditionally).

As usual, such ceremonies were not drama-free. Apparently, less than 100 people had been invited and the food and drinks were bought to this measure but then, over 200 people turned up which meant that, some of us had to change into t-shirts and enter the kitchen to cook.

And all these people that came took away takeaway portions of the food, as if they were going to Somalia.

When will this piss take by Ghanaians stop? And I am sure what some people ate and drunk were more in value than the gifts they brought. They basically came to eat and drink for free, and take some away too.

This is another reason why I am not having any wedding or such engagement. When the time is right, I will head to the court and get the papers signed. PERIOD.

My Sunday was a cleaning day as I decided to throw away some old shoes. Interestingly, I found about 6 new gorgeous shoes I did not know I even had under the bed.

After bringing out all the shoes, I couldn’t bring myself to throw anyone away because I love them all and ended up pushing them all back under the bed. What a waste of my entire day. LOL

Anyway, it is another Monday and as usual, it sucks.

How was your weekend? Let’s share and let’s get talking.



I think we mostly disagree on a lot of things here—-the beauty of different minds. We spend each day discussing celebrities and other interesting topics.

I’ve managed to sell BACK the idea of bring this column to Chris. We will keep calling this column ‘How Was Your Weekend, GC Family?’

Why can’t we calm down under this column each week and share with others what we did over the weekend?

The success of this column depends on all of you—-everyone has to contribute by sharing what they did. Even if you did nothing and just sat on your bum all weekend, let’s know.

Despite our differences, we all hang around here—making us one big GC family.

So help me get this column back and going, I do not want Chris to say; responses are not enough and as such we have to discontinue it—once again.

It should not all be about throwing nails to others because they don’t like our favourite celebrities. We should also be able to let go our differences and share our experiences.