Wanluv the Kubolor Has Diagnosed Ghana’s Ailment- Says Religion is the Root Cause of Most of our Problems

Wanlov Da Kubolor
Wanlov Da Kubolor

Wanluv the Kubolor had always seemed to me like one of the few Ghanaian artistes whose head was screwed on right; don’t let the exterior fool you. And aside the faux pas on Delay’s show a couple of years back, I feel he’s always distinguished himself with the kind of content he churns out with his partner in crime, Mensah.

And quite recently in an interview with NewsOne, the unconventional artiste espoused some views on what he thinks is the matter with our dear nation Ghana. And in just a few words he managed to diagnose us pretty accurately, and spoke in no uncertain terms in a manner which I feel other celebrities would do well to adopt, maybe they can inspire the change we seem too stubborn to embrace.

Wanluv believes Ghanaians are too fixed on religion, and that instead of trying to solve our problems we obsess on how we can get into the paradise that our next life in heaven promises us. The artiste feels that is a disease, and it is eating at our very heart and soul worse than any conventional ailment ever would.

He told NewsOne “We have a very serious sickness right now in the country. Ghana is currently hard because most of us don’t care about the country, we care about church and how nice heaven will be so we don’t want to fix the problems in Ghana.”

He could not be more right; you would be hard pressed to find a group of people anywhere else in the world who adore religion more than we do as Ghanaians. It’s our daily bread, entrenched in every activity we carry out. And the fact that we sometimes obsess over it to the detriment of other more crucial tasks has long been established.

Wanluv continued in his candid interview, “Most people believe that instead of trying to solve our problems, we should rather pray. We are using prayer to waste time instead of doing the work we have to do to clean Ghana and make Her a better place”

“When I say clean Ghana, I’m not only talking about filth around which is bringing us the diseases like the Cholera that is killing us more than the Ebola. I’m talking about the corruptions in our minds, hearts, the lies we tell to ourselves and believe them whiles we are lying to other people at the same time,”

Truer words have never been spoken, and Wanluv has hit right at the heart of a problem we all too often elect to ignore. We would get a lot done if we concentrate our efforts, and finances, into the right avenue, rather than draining it all on endless and fruitless prayer.

And if those in charge did not all the time have the ‘God card’ to hide behind, they might feel tempted to get a lot more done than they currently do.

I feel like he deserves a medal or something for saying what is so obvious yet most other people in his position choose to ignore like the plague


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