Is It Not EVIDENT that Prayers Do Not Work & There is No Need for Them? | God Only Answers to Sign Language Because He Has Become DEAF & DUMB

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The common statements; God knows it all, he is the alpha and the omega—and believers must pray to ask the Father and it shall be given to them, contradict each other but many do not still see it.

There is not strong evidence that prayers work and that there is any God sitting up in the sky with billions of ears listening to the long prayers of believers, who are mostly poor. And yet these believers spend almost half of their lives praying to a deity who does not exist or does not answer any prayer.

As Albert Einstein rightly said, if people talk about a God that answers prayers, takes side in wars (supports the Israelis and others to massacre thousands of others which He himself had created), then he does not believe in such God.

Just this immediate paragraph makes me wonder if indeed the many attributes we give to God, specifically by the many “Monotheism religions” are well thought through. A God that knows what will happen before someone is even born, goes ahead to create thousands of people purposely to connive with others to kill these same people he has without any choice of these people placed on here. Yet, some silly believers will say, this may not make any earthly or logical sense but it makes celestial sense to the Father.

Let me not digress; if prayers indeed work, then how come Africans (undoubtedly the most prayerful people on the planet) are those with countless problems—and on a smaller scale, believers are those with dozens of baskets full of problems and continue to live in abject poverty? I know there is a biblical defence for this absurdity and illness, Job’s temptation or the path of the righteous is thorny but God delivers him from it all. But the truth is, God is not delivering today’s righteous from any of the hardship they continue to pray about and the sad truth is, they do not see the handwriting on the wall.

Perhaps, God has become deaf owning to the loud shouting of many years by change seekers and he is currently finding his way around sign language—so he cannot hear the many cry of his people. This better be the reason why there is no evidence that prayers work, because the alternative is; God is long dead. The problem is, even if he dies out of old age sitting in that golden chair, who will come and tell us on earth? The distance is too far and we cannot pick his death up from the nasty smell.

As one of my favourite reggae musicians-Senzo once said, the prayers of the poor are long, than the prayers of the rich. With such long prayers all geared toward making life changing request as the situations many of these believers find themselves are unbearable, why would God not stop listening or answering, that is even if you believe He exists?

The prayer delusion is so obvious and yet a lot of people continue to waste their time speaking into the air. Your prayer does not go beyond the ceiling and your next door neighbour cannot even hear you, so what makes you think some God sitting somewhere busily watching the Israelis and Palestinians throw rockets at each other to kill innocent children will be listening to you?

What is even the sense in this; God knows it all and He knows what and when you will get what—he won’t change things around per request. Meaning, if you will win the lottery at the age of 22, he knows that and by the fact that he is a truthful God, I believe he won’t change that, else he is not a certain God. Yet, you continue to pray about hardships and troubles that this same God has bestowed on you, or was the master architect, asking him to destroy the problems he has created. He allows the problems to set in, and then goes back per request to delete the problems. God is bored, confused or totally insane, playing pingpong with people’s lives then.

When you talk about the fact that prayers do not work and therefore people should get busy—and get real with things by accepting the obvious, they cite many individual examples when they have prayed about something that did happen and therefore, God answered the prayers. Yet, they forget about the millions of things they’ve prayed about that did not happen (God has not answered)—as evidence that prayers do not work.

Subjective or individual positions cannot be taken for evidence, because most believers are deluded and have adopted many false concepts that weaken whatever they claim. Therefore, any proper evidence for prayer must be on a large scale, we must witness a group having had their group prayers answered—at least that will be clear and we will have some sort of consistency in the story.

More recently, a group of believers who follow one of the most powerful men of God in Ghana sat down (or stood) up and shouted to the dislike of the neighbouring residents, commanding the Ghanaian cedi (praying to God) to stabilize and after the prayers, the cedi started falling more faster than before. What happened to God and this prayer? He must have been sleeping.

Each day of the week, millions of believers in Africa go on their knees and speak in all sort of languages asking God to change their lives (in short, move them out of poverty and just give them something a little deserving as His sons and daughters), this I believe is not a lot to ask from a merciful God, and yet, Africa remains the poorest—and most of these people die, and will continue to die in poverty. Indeed, God is merciful and He answers all prayers.

It does not even make any sort of sense, be it deep reason or common sense that, you have to continue nagging your Father over something which he already knows it is a problem in your life and you wish for it to be solved. Before you even closed your eyes to pray, God already knew what you were going to say, so what is the point? Can’t HE just fix the problem—which HE himself planted in your life or allowed the “illusionary” devil to plant? Why must you keep asking him over and over again?

People pray for all manner of things and if the “to be taken” evidence that prayers work is; because the thing prayed about has happened on a subjective level, then God must have answered the prayers, then I believe the last time I prayed to God to help me win the heart of a girl who I did not love, God gladly did that so I can hurt this innocent girl. What a God we serve!

Despite the various layers of indications that prayers do not work, believers continue to pray tireless, out of their laziness to go out and tackle or find real solutions to their real problems. Instead of most Africans getting things FIXED, they will pray for a divine fixing, an all knowing God will come down purposely for them to fix their problems—they believe. IKEA even wants you to fix your own stuff you bought from them, how much more a busy old God?

Maybe prayers work and it is just that the jobs are too many for one God to do and this is why many people die before it is their turn. I could accept this supposition but if that is the case, then God better creates more Gods to help Him, or at least, robotic Gods to take charge since millions of innocent children continue to die in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Syria, North Korea, Israel, Nigeria, Ghana and many other places.

What am I even saying? God himself is the architect of these deaths (or has allowed the deaths to happen) so why will he intervene? I see no cosmic sense in just creating a child or sitting in heaven to watch less than one year old pure and innocent children being bombed daily despite many of your worshipers having begged through prayers to ensure that this ends? If indeed there is a heavenly Father who watches over all these, then I do not want to have anything to do with such a wicked character.

I wouldn’t waste my one minute praying to a God who has bad track records of answering prayers when it really matters. And I can’t see the sense in holding on tight to such a God who watches in full glory for innocent children and their mothers to be massacred, and mostly, this God and his army of people do the massacring.

Even as a mere mortal human, I know children and women must be treated with dignity, must not be subjected to inhumane and degrading treatments but the most intelligent person in the multi-verse who created us all does not know this and he takes part in doing this to his own creation. What kind of a punk is this God?

To be frank, I hate him for being so cruel to innocent women and children, all around the world. And on judgement day, I will rather ask him questions…

All the same, if you want to continue praying each day to a God who is busy and does not answer prayers, instead of putting in critical thinking—and taking steps (even baby steps) to finding solutions, be it permanent or temporal to the many problems created by this same God to hover over your head, then go ahead and do it with all your strength.

Now to establish if prayers indeed work, since believers claim to be tired of my anti-religious posts, why don’t they pray for me to stop? Then we will all have a clear evidence on our table, that prayers work!

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com and AfricaCelebrities.Com a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]