VIDEO: The Tales of Nazir is Back | A Hit at President Mahama for Poor Performance


Louis Appiah, the creative mind behind Tales of Nazir is back with his 3rd episode and this time, he takes a hit at President John Mahama, with Sarkodie’s recently released song-Inflation leading him.

As usual, Nazir brings in his comical punch lines and what starts like an admiration for President Mahama’s performance ends up being a hit.

Watch the video below…



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  1. But is it all Mahama’s fault? Ordinary Ghanaians run ECG, Ministries et al. So why blame only Mahama? The whole country is a cesspool. No one wants to work but everyone wants to be paid. Basic things are hyper-inflated to rip people off. And ignorance wrapped in arrogance is the order of the day. Indiscipline and laziness has become the common trait of the people. And a standing opposition that is willing to say and do anything to get votes. Making Ghanaians behave like children in a dysfunctional home. No one wants to be the parent and alienate the kids they are fighting over.
    Being in Ghana is like being in a den of thieves. One has to contend with all sorts of trickery to avoid getting hosed. Ghana cannot be governed by soft and decent men like Mahama. Ghanaians need brutes like Jerry to get them to sit up and do what citizenship requires of them. We need the soldiers back on the road whipping and cracking heads like the 80s to instill fear and discipline back into the society. It used to be the churches were the moral compass of the Ghanaian society. But even the churches are now infected with the disease of corruption and indiscipline. Like Rome, Ghana will fall unless some strong man rises up and take over the reins. Ghanaians like black Africans don’t understand democracy. It means something entirely different from the actual meaning of the word to them.

    1. I share your sentiments too. I came to Ghana last year and couldnt believe what i saw. Lazy people with bad customer sevice ,desmonstrating and making unneccesary noise for raise in pay and work conditions. People’ houses get dirty and the first person they blame is the president. Your ability to outsmart someone and extract money from another makes you intelligent in Ghana. Nurses and teachers demanding special treatments before they work. Like seriously? People taking bribe for everything. The country is so rotten .unneccessary traffic because of lawless drivers . We definitely have a long way to go. May God help us.