How Was Your Weekend GC Family? | It Was a Birthday Party for Me & I Went to Hell & Back with the Drinks

My Weekend
My Weekend

I have not been drunk this much since University days but what should a single girl do on her birthday in London when the drinks are cheap and she has friends ready to buy her more and more?

Since I was throwing a little birthday party for myself on Saturday, I kept the Friday night pretty simple—stayed in doors and watched some two old movies.

As if I knew I was going to drink my pants down, I had at last minute changed the venue of my birthday party from a bar to my flat and though some of my friends did not like the fact they had to carry their drinks with them to my flat, I am glad I did.

By 5pm, 4 of my friends had walked in with a total of about 7 bottles and some bowls of Chinese, a lot of spare ribs which we didn’t even touch but binged on the drinks until the actual party started around 7pm.

I was expecting the turnout to be around 15 people as people like my own boss-Chris-Vincent cancelled out on me, promising to make it up to me. Let me add this about Chris, don’t invite him to anywhere because he always cancels on you and this is my 2nd birthday he has failed to show up and he knows I am upset about this. LOL

Now back to my story. In total, about 18 people turned up and the flat was so packed with people and drinks—and I mean real liquor, the college style.

It was all fun and as people got more drunk, little arguments began to break between some of my friends and I didn’t want to wait till I see the ladies throwing punches so I ended the partying at about 3pm…

In fact, I thought I ended it but waked up in the morning around 9am to see people still sitting and drinking in my living room. So the party must have continued while I was knocked off by the drinks in the bedroom.

Apart from waking up to shockingly see people still drinking and chatting in the morning, I had this bad headache—which I know was caused by the many mixture of drinks.

But what is a birthday party if you don’t wake up with a hangover or some bad headache?

I couldn’t do much on Sunday until late in the evening when I started cleaning up. I still have a lot of cleaning to do after work.

How was your weekend wherever you are? Let’s hear you too…



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