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Dear Asamoah Gyan, Get Your SHYT Together in Relation to Castro & Janet Bandu’s Disappearance

Asamoah Gyan and Castro
Asamoah Gyan and Castro

Dear Chris,

I am one of the many people who do not believe Asamoah Gyan is an angel of death or sacrificed his friend-Castro De Destroyer and female friend-Janet Bandu for riches.

Even if I am to believe this impossibility on the grounds of a hungry man looking for money, Asamoah Gyan will not fit into the box of a hungry man looking for man—he has more than enough cash to worry about sacrificing a fellow human being for more…

But to be frank, I am disappointed in the way Asamoah Gyan and his people are reported to have handled the whole Castro and Janet Bandu’s disappearance, especially after having listened to the tape GhanaCelebrities.Com published together from the family of Janet Bandu.

And also, having read various reports on how Asamoah Gyan’s brother-Baffour Gyan together with his manager hired some macho men to beat down a journalist who asked about the various mysterious speculations surrounding the death of Castro makes me wonder what is being hidden…

For a start, it is sad to know that after so many weeks, Asamoah Gyan has not been able to gather some elderly people and join these people to go and officially see the family of Janet Bandu, pay respect to them for their lost and offer them some sort of condolence as our Ghanaian culture demands.

Secondly, as the person who is reported to have organised the weekend trip away to Ada, he carries a higher duty to assist in the investigation by making himself available both to the two families and the law enforcement agencies, if indeed he wants to help—and also clear his tainted name.

Again, his unwillingness to even have anyone question him about this issue—be it a journalist or the police makes it seem he has something to hide. If not, what is the real problem in answering questiosn in relation to the disappearance?

Even if he does not want to talk to the media, what about the family of Janet Bandu who are so bitter about the way they’ve been shunned and the non-forthcoming of any answers in relation to the disappearance of their daughter?

Asmaoah Gyan must realize that he is not above the law in Ghana and he must get his shyt together.

Even if it is some sort of monetary compensation he will offer to the Janet Bandu family for their loss which he somewhat caused, he must do so. And he must make the family a friend in this time of hardship by assisting in whatever way possible to ease their suffering.

From: Owusu Afriyie/ Ghana


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13 thoughts on “Dear Asamoah Gyan, Get Your SHYT Together in Relation to Castro & Janet Bandu’s Disappearance”

  1. I still believe that Castro isn’t dead, I also believe that Gyan and Co know his we’re about and judging from the way Gyan and Co. including his manager handled the whole case tells me that they hiding something

    • As for this one di3, I’ll come out of my shell and reply to your comment and recoil back into my shell. Look bruv, I know so many people out there thinks the whole Castro saga was just a prank. I will be honest with you and please take it from a brother. Castro is no longer among the living. The guy has joined his ancestors. Although, we can argue that the circumstances surrounding his death is controversial, but there is no disputing the fact that his Jet-ski was found empty. As at now there is no solid evidence of what actually happened, all that we here in the media and some eye witness account is just a theory of what might have happened. However, the empty Jet-ski is an indication that he was really drowned. There is no conspiracy theory about this issue, he is dead.

  2. To the writer,

    “Asmaoah Gyan must realize that he is not above the law in Ghana and he must get his shyt together ”

    To wit I say , Asamoah Gyan is not below the law either and has his shyt together.

    He didn’t take Janet Bandu on the jetskis. Castro did. Even expert swimmers
    drown. And considering the nature of the currents in the estuary, it is very
    clear what happened to Castro and the lady. So why are Ghanaians finding it
    difficult to accept this as an accident?

    What is Asamoah Gyan’s crime? As part of the people with Castro at Ada, he’s been interrogated.
    He was not in the water with the victims when they vanished. I am sure that fact has been ascertained. But as usual in Ghana, innuendoes and gossips are substitutes for facts. Asamoah Gyan was not responsible in any way. Only in a perverted and twisted Ghanaian mindset is he responsible. This twisted attempt to link him is driven by the superstitious nonsense that somehow he benefited from their deaths. Remove the superstitious nonsense and what is left is just a simple answer. It was an accident. No one planned it. No one is therefore responsible except the two victims. Trying to find a link between this accident and Asamoah Gyan wealth is pathetic and an overreach.
    Monetary compensation? For what? Do you know meaning of compensation? Do you believe Asamoah Gyan owes the parents of Janet Bandu? How and why?

    In today’s news a man was bitten by a shark and he bled to death in Australia. In Ghana, mammy water, spirits and sikaduro are some of the words that would be thrown around if that had happened there. In the twisted and ignorant mind of Ghanaians there are no accidents. Only witches/devils/curses destroying people for money. With this heap of nonsense and guff is it any wonder people believe in spiritualists, fetish priests and prophets? It is time Ghanaians sought enlightenment and facts based reality instead of these stupid and ignorance based fantasies. What’s next? There are dwarves siphoning money from the bank of Ghana and that why the nation is broke? Who am I kidding? That line has already been used as an excuse. When it comes to Ghana there is no bottom for the level of absurdities that get thrown around. Mermaids, mermen, unicorns, dragons, talking and flying snakes, witches, flying brooms, money vomiting snakes are all realities in the mind of the Ghanaian. No wonder they are racing to the bottom of the abyss. Because that is where these nonsense belong.

  3. I find it weird that Ghana folks are not perturbed by the fact that tragedies continue to follow n happen around this dude?. And this is why the police needs to arrest or invite him for some questioning. If he has nothing to hide, he shd be helping the police with their investigation. Only in Ghana do u get away with shxt like this.

    • ManassehAtsu pls take not of LA response, wouldn’t waste much time responding to your comment, except to tell you that sakawaa is real and blood money is the new route for riches for some of our compatriots and you better start believing before you becomes the next victim.

      • You believe, in 2014, that humans are being sacrificed for money? How is that possible? A product of JSS/SSS education perhaps? Please do explain when and how this can happen. And if this is readily available, why are so many Ghanaians broke? Why isn’t the government using this option to solve its financial crises? If spirits require blood for money then they are doing it the hard way. All the need to do is to provide the next powerball/el gordo numbers and the individual is rich. No need for messy blood etc etc. Oh Ghanafuo. Adwen papa bi a nnyi ho. The lights are on but no one is home.


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