Resurrection of Castro & Janet Bandu’s SAGA: Legal Practitioner-Dr. Maurice Ampaw Says He Will Reveal the Whole Truth Surrounding the Whereabout of Castro by the End of this Month…

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Castro de destroyer
Castro de destroyer

The Castro and Janet Bandu’s death or disappearance mystery has been resurrected this week—after the family of Janet Bandu decided on Asamoah Gyan, saying he murdered their daughter and Castro…

In a new twist, an Accra based legal practitioner-Dr. Maurice Ampaw has exclusively told radio XYZ that “come the end of this month, he’ll reveal the whole truth surrounding the whereabout of popular hip-life musician, Theophilus Tagoe aka Castro”.

The lawyer categorically stated that, Asamoah Gyan also knows the whereabout of Castro, which he will reveal…

The lawyer also added that, he is surprised the police service has still not arrested Asamoah Gyan for questioning and interrogation—and that during his own investigation, he found out that a necklace worn by Castro was later found in a dustbin hours before he and his lady friend got missing.

“You cannot hide the truth, the truth is only one and I promise by the end of this month, I will come out with more revelations.

“If Ghana were a serious nation, we wouldn’t have allowed Marine Police to go and have fun on the sea, with the intention of searching for Castro’s body. Asamoah Gyan also picked a boat saying he was going to search for Castro, these will not happen in a serious country,” He said…

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  1. This is getting interesting again. This is the first time I am reading about the Castro necklace that was found in a bin. Maybe the lawyer really knows more and where Castro is but why do we have to wait till the end of the month to hear it? Has he lost his voice now?

  2. Gyan is very guilty and that his sidekick sammie. Sammie returned from Ada and turned all his phone lines off. His own family suspected something fishy but we will know the truth very soon. I am disappointed the police aren’t doing any questions yet. Lawyer i trust you on cases like this.

  3. Well folks, lawyer Maurice has never been wrong, his private investigators are well trained and more like FBI’s. This should tell the public Gyan know’s the whereabout of the two souls. Why isn’t he saying nothing to the world? oh a guilty man always knows how to pretend. I don’t blame the ghana police, because Gyan’s money can shut them down within a short period. They cannot do much when money is involved. I feel for the lawyer’s life, he should keep quiet until everything is ready to broadcast.

  4. hmm if this lawyer is not beaten or dead by the end of the month then we will hear from..since Gyan macho men r all around silencing every mouth that wanna say anything concerning Castro n Janet’s disappearance..nsem piii