Weekly Discussion, Let’s Get Talking: Describe Your Ex Using ONLY Movie Titles

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I saw this online and I think it will be a good cut for this week’s discussion (though we have done this in the past)—as long as we all get it going and stick to the rule, which is the description of an ex must also be a movie title.

I have several Exs, not that I am the bad person. They just probably don’t know how to handle a fine girl like me so they keep missing the big picture.

I am pretty cool with most of them but there are some that I do not even want to hear their names—that is how much they upset me.

And these guys are those who talk about taking you out to the cinema and never do. They can’t even pull themselves together to buy you a common lunch without asking you if you have some coins to top up the little money they are holding.

I am going to find it difficult to pick which of my Exs to describe using only a movie title so I am going to go in for two; the most recent and the most annoying…

Kofi-The Great Dictator

Kojo-The Hangover

Now, let’s get talking…


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