CHRIS-VINCENT: Huge Number of Black Women Dress Like PROSTITUTES

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black women1
Black Women

The Law is pretty loose on dressing, with indecent exposure being tightly fixed in a box—as such, black women continue to make a fool out of themselves, dressing mostly as if they are high on some cheap cocaine, even if they are attending a respected event or if they are respected persons, writes CHRIS-VINCENT on his Brutally Uncensored column.

As the years go by, the definition of beauty and sexy seem to have changed among black women—and the little fibre a black woman has on her body, the sexier she thinks she is—forgetting that there is another word out there in the world more important than sexy and that is; DECENCY.

From our celebrities to ordinary black women going about their daily activities, we seem to have lost touch with what amounts to decency and what falls out of the decency box—and more commonly, you see well headed black women proudly wearing their underwears as their main wear. And mostly, this is absurdly done in the name of fetching that sexy look…

Even if the lack of decency that has completely evaporated from the understanding of fashion by majority of black women does not push you to occasionally ask if the person in front of you have all her brain wires connected, I am sure the trending bodycon style has introduced you to pot belly black women squeezed into tight dresses, as they struggle to breath. This is a perfect example of “woman’s inhumanity to woman” backed by total stupidity.


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    1. Yes you are right. I thought he knew better but rather unfortunate not. What has this thing get to do with black women. He is stepping into the poor things written in the Media about black women and men as well. This guy should stop such discrimination otherwise it will be better to delete his website. I am new on his platform but it seems he is not better. I need a healthy conversation
      and not this kind. All over the world you will see people in all colors dress different and that should be their problem this is not only black women issue you will find it in all race. The black man thinks is can write anything about a black women but to be honest what are These blackmen giving us nothing.