CHRIS-VINCENT: Religion is the REAL EVIL… It Poisons Everything | Why My Friend Cried Throughout Her Wedding


Disclaimer; If you are one of the many credulous religious persons who believe a MESSIAH resurrected from the death and that a prophet who stayed in a cave was visited by angels—and yet do not want these hysterical beliefs questioned under the microscope of reason, then do not read this article because you might find it OFFENSIVE.

Religion is violent, irrational, makes absurd claims which it hates to be challenged, allied to racism, tribalism, bigotry, glorifies ignorance and invests heavily in the oppression of women and continues to terrorize children—and I am sure I have not mentioned its hostility to free inquiry.

For people like me, the world would be much better if we begin to question the many extraordinary religious claims which of course it offers no extraordinary evidence for…


Religion does not and has not only caused us many wars—-with innocent children and women being killed each day around the world for some ill-instituted dogma, it also segregates us and continues to oppress women.

I am yet to come across a religion which offers women equal rights as men—as religion still continues to treat women as objects and inferior. In such an enlightened century, there is a man placed glass ceiling in our churches and mosques; women cannot rise and do certain things that men are allowed to do by virtue of the fact that they are women. And some people do not even find this offensive writes CHRIS-VINCENT on his Brutally Uncensored blog.

It is therefore shocking when you see women who are being treated like second class citizens by this ancient man made institution throwing all their weight in defend of it, regardless of how much they’ve been boxed to the corner.

Any attempt to liberate women, end poverty, diseases like HIV and others is met by one strong objection, serving as a threat to our civilization-RELIGION. How can a religion followed by billions teach that AIDS is bad but not as bad as the use of condoms?

Religion poisons everything, it is a lie being mainly championed by certain charlatans whose genuine interest rest on the control, the wealth and the easy weapon it has become—and not that they want to help anyone obtain a needless salvation, an ancient sketched propaganda.

It is difficult to understand why 21st century men and women continue to dutifully entertain such an ancient institution which has lost its relevance in our today’s world, all because they refuse to measure things against reason, take interest in evidence based proclamations instead of towing the line of faith—believing without evidence.


If you’ve never been told the truth about religion before, here it is; it is more of a poison than anything else—and just last week, a friend had to cry throughout her own wedding ceremony because religion poisoned it for her, once again.

People try to ignore and pretend as if the tension and division religion placed between people who belong to different sect of this false institution centuries ago does not exist today. Yet, the Muslim cannot out of choice decide to marry a Christian without any sort of religious objection—and the inverse clearly holds.

Just like you, I know people who are Muslims and happily married to Christians, or Buddhists married to Hindus—but they were able to do this by calling a bluff on the hard religious objection. You can only do this mostly if you are ready to lose your friends, family and co-worshipers.

How a tenacious ancient institution with no real benefits to us today continue to hold people and their minds hostage—and perch us against each other in such an evil way, backed by lies is beyond comprehension. But it is happening all around us.

People believe in all manner of nonsense and mere belief does not make anything true but for any reasonable person to absorb the myths, the inconsistencies and pure evil religion preaches makes me wonder if such a person has taken time to properly evaluate the beliefs that were probably thrown at him or her during infancy, when critical evaluation was not an option.

I had a call from Ghana last weekend from my little sister about one of my old friends (she was a class mate for many years and I believe the use of friend sits well) who got married in tears. She was a Muslim by birth and like most religious people, the religion of her parents determined her religion—not that she had any real choice after the many years of indoctrination.



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