OPEN GOSSIP: Ghanaian Married Deputy Minister Chopping Down the Wife of Former Ghanaian Football Star with First Letter of His Surname Being D…

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A certain former Ghanaian football star who was a member of Ghana’s under-17 team that won the 1991 FIFA World Championship in Italy’s wife is being chopped down by a certain married Ghanaian Deputy Minister, GhanaCelebrities.Com has learnt.

Though the said wife of the former footballer with first alphabet of his surname being ‘D’ is currently seeking for divorce, the divorce has not been yet granted and as such, the two are still married—legally.

However, this woman who has a strong Showbiz connection is seriously being chopped down by a deputy Minister, who is also married with kids.

Currently, the woman lives in a house belonging to her husband ‘D’ at West Legon—and that is where the chopping down regularly happens, since the man of position is doing all he can to keep the dirty affair under the radar.

GhanaCelebrities.Com’s source who swept this to us said “it is a disgrace for her to being doing this in her husband’s house even if a divorce is pending. And to be doing this with a married Deputy Minister makes it disgusting”.

Considering why any decent woman will be doing this and for that matter with a married man, our source said “what else could be the motivation apart from money. She recently started a cake business and because it is not booming, she is taking it on the men by using her thing in-between her legs—cheaply as most of these girls are doing around”.

This woman has 2 kids with the former footballer-D and for the deputy Minister who is also an MP, the first letter of his constituency is ‘O’ and he won his seat with over 60% of valid votes cast in the 2012 election, following several reported brutalities in his constituency prior to the elections.

For the married Deputy Minister who is chopping down the wife of a former Ghanaian footballer, his first name starts with the alphabet ‘E’.

And if you are struggling to fetch out this woman, she is fair in complexion with enough front assets and she occasionally speaks on one of Ghana’s Entertainment radio shows on Saturdays.

Open Gossip:

I have left out certain names to protect our most reliable sources. However, I have made this clear to the extent that, you will only have to think a little to be able to fetch out those involved in this yourself.  This is why it is called Open Gossip…I give you the clues; you do the thinking and share what you know/have heard or what you have been able to put together yourself. :-)


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