Celebrity Instagram & Twit Photos of the Week: Menaye Donkor, Raquel, Juliet Ibrahim, Efya, John Dumelo, Nadia Buari & Others…

Menaye Donkor
Menaye Donkor

Menaye Donkor rocked a simple but classy Alexander McQueen dress for The Foundation for AIDS Research after party and we love it. When it comes to fashion, Menaye Donkor never gets it wrong—another reason why we just can’t give up on her.

And Ghana’s Kim Kardashian-Juliet Ibrahim returned this week, sharing a Kim sort of photo which puts her backside on blast. Her Instagram fans loved it but we are not sure about you…

Juliet Ibrahim
Juliet Ibrahim

Check below for photos from Efya, Reggie Rockstone, Raquel, John Dumelo and others…

Menaye Donkor1

Menaye Donkor2

Nadia Buari1

Nadia Buari2

Nadia Buari3



Reggie Rockstone and Efya


John Dumelo1

Juliet Ibrahim1

Juliet Ibrahim2


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10 thoughts on “Celebrity Instagram & Twit Photos of the Week: Menaye Donkor, Raquel, Juliet Ibrahim, Efya, John Dumelo, Nadia Buari & Others…”

  1. I don’t know what menaye would have done if she hadn’t married muntari. She puts herself on blast even more than ppl who are actually famous just by virtue of tht marriage. No wonder she can’t come clean abt the real state of the marriage. The rings are now off in this photo (which is very unusual for her).

  2. Something about raquel I don’t like, Eyfa always looking scary must be the makeups, wrong choice, I heard from a reliable source menaye doesn’t cook or can’t cook and sulley ain’t happy about that, so sulley has been enjoying from another honeypot, a friend of mine at Islamic university whilst still married, maybe it’s getting too much for them.

  3. But Sulley deserves whatever difficulty he is going thru. His own mother warned him against the marriage but he refused to listen. She even predicted tht menaye only wants the lime light life and today look! If Sulley lost all his money and fame right now, menaye would move leave him instantly. Is tht wife material? Tweaaa

    • Yes I agree she shouldn’t wear that ring. Her husband cheats on her like there’s no tomorrow. And his mother should stop all the juju maybe it will make her son normal. Menaye I support you. Y3 na wu hu b3 towu

  4. I’ma need Menaye to gwan and sit that tinny ass somewhere. ..she’s doing the most lately. And fact is, she’s not even relevant like she makes herself to look. I shook my head when she went on IG talking bout beyonce is pregnant, even confirming it to her followers like she and bey are friends or something. Then beyonce shut down the pregnancy rumors and she looked nothing but a fool to me. Her first beyonce concert I believe, referring to beyonce as my girl like beyonce knows her ahushish3 ass. Menaye get u a life and go be a wife to that man, who obviously have insecurities hence ending up with you(just like dem other football players. Gh&NG). All of a sudden, she and Melissa satta (derrick boateng’s baby momma) are besties. My issue with her is, she’s just too ahushish3 and such an opportunist, using people’s fame and popularity to her advantage.

  5. Hahahaha but isn’t that called networking? Haters will see you walk on water and say it’s because you can’t swim. What do you want from this woman? Anybody who is building their brand needs to be ahushish3, right? How so are they going to grow if they don’t take opportunities. it’s being at the right places abi? So let her do her thing. At least she’s not spreading her legs like most of your girls. I think she was friends with Melissa for a long time even during World Cup they were posting pictures together on their pages, so why is that strange. Their husbands are friends so it only makes sense that they go out together. I also see menaye referring to my girl to most of the people she admires so if she calls beyonce a such does that mean she claims they are friends? I beg fall back, waaay back and don’t go there with my queen. Menaye you look amazing.


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