Ghana’s First Rep to Big Brother Africa 2014-HotShots Revealed | Kacey Moore

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Kacey Moore
Kacey Moore

A certain Ghanaian based in South Africa-Kacey Moore has been revealed as Ghana’s rep to this year’s Big Brother Africa Reality TV Show-HotShots, to be launched on 5th October.

Born in Ghana on Sunday and therefore Kwesi, he explained how he earned himself the name-Kacey by saying, when he moved to South Africa. Anytime he introduced himself as Kwesi, the people kept calling him Kacey—as such, he decided to make it easy and started introducing himself as Kacey.

Check out the intro video of Kacey More below…

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  1. A Ghanaian is a Ghanaian no matter where he resides, let’s rally round and vote massively for him. He sounds intelligent and is worth supporting. Hope he brings the prize home to invest in Ghana if he wins. I’m happy for one thing he has not lost his Ghanaian accent and that for me is very encouraging. Big Ups Kacey Moore.