VIDEO: Some African Women Have EMPTY Heads Just Like This One…

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African woman
African woman

I was sent the below video on Facebook and I couldn’t believe what the girl in the video who seems bleached was talking about—making it all seem that, a man must provide it ALL for a woman because he is with her.

According to her, if you want a woman to look good, you must be ready to spend your money. REALLY? Is this the new score out there?

She sits as if she is talking for most African woman, saying, if a man wants to walk to her, the man must be ready to spend some cash—making it seem, cash is all it takes to get an African woman into your bed. Pretty cheap and easy.

You know what, watch the video below and let’s know if you agree with her or not…

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  1. And who said a woman has to be totally dependent on a man and which law says a man should be the sole caretaker of his woman. It’s two people in a relationship so it’s 50/50. You do your part and he does his part. When you were single, who was taking care of you and your needs? If you continue with this mentality, you will remain single because in this century, no men whether educated or uneducated will settle for a lazy woman who wants her man to do everything for her.

  2. it’s only lazy, uneducated, ignorant and selfish women who will make such comments. If you really love and respect yourself, you won”t wait for a man to spend on you to look good. You will take care of yourself with or without a man and that’s how you earn the respect of a man.

  3. She sounds absolutely ridiculous. What’s the point of keeping all those perfumes? For a second, I thought she owned a shoe shop. SMDH, some women have a long way to go.

    1. Did you listened to the part where she talked about smelling? This girl needs to take some bath thrice a day before she complains of smell. Does perfumes gets any better without bathing?

      1. I was just starring at my computer: listening to this girl in shock. I’m sure she combines perfumes: that will even make her smell bad. I just want to take a glance at her boyfriend. What a chick!

  4. Wait. Am I the only one who noticed her hands and her face complexion did not correspond? … sigh may God avert such a woman from my life.

  5. This girl must have smoked some weed before making this video. Has she not heard of the proud independent woman? Which African country is she from? Congo?

    1. Very very ugly gosh, bleaching too. She’s just not attractive so i’m thinking she rather invests in the men. That will only give her a reason to be bitter and complain.

  6. She sounds kinda pissed!! Damn gurl. I disagree with her though I do hear women saying this. I think if a man knows you are this shallow and only out for spending his cash he will not part with a penny. Some men I guess who love their women and appreciate how they are able to look good by themselves will of course do all the things this chick is asking for. She is selling herself short…and gold digger is putting it nicely. She is starting to sound like she is telling men…’I am for sale and this is my asking price’.

  7. This girl doesn’t have a class at all. You all forgot to tell her one thing, job application nonsence. wendys and walmart are always hiring drive there and fill out an application before you talk crap. No responsible man would take you serious because you don’t have the pride instilled in you. Ugly bleaching chic, look at her hands and lips. She must be a sierra leonean with that thick accent. If you want an african man to show you the respect then stay independent. Kwasia ba

  8. Although her demands and expectations from a man are too much, I think she’s right in some way and certain things she said tho. Please Let’s be honest!

    1. She could be right but way she came about it makes it unattractive. She can just talk to her b/f or man without putting this on the social media. Her demands are so freaking many. She just needs to provide for her self. Men will only see her as a prostitute if she behaves this way and the banging would remain continuous. I think she falls into the hands of wrong men because a real man will try to provide without asking. I just don’t feel her style, she needs to find a job.

  9. okay… you look pretty and u are the most sexiest woman alive. Nonetheless this is what i can offer…
    1. 300 pair of shoes? Lets settle for say 3 pair of shoes.
    2. The make kit you showed in the video was two but I will afford 1 for the whole year
    3. The lipstick I reckon you need probably 2 and when it gets finished we’ll buy another
    4. The perfumes are too many. Lets just settle for one. after all we can call it your signature smell…

    so if you’re all good with my proposal hit me up at [email protected]

  10. I think all she is saying is that it’s expensive to keep up with ladies of this day and age.
    The moral of the story is this, I’ll stick to good old masturbation and probably add a hooker or two when its totally necessary. Paying that much for a girl? with all those perfumes, shoes and make up kit? I can probably shag quite a lot of hookers then.
    Thank you madam gold fish

  11. To be honest the girl is right in some way. People commenting are behaving like they dont ask for money from their man. In this world that we are living in, man are here to make woman happy if you didnt know remember that those same men are the same people who will start demanding for so many things in a girls lifes. Even with you ppl commenting you might find you own a car, rented a house, shop for your business yet you are not working even if you are working you cant afford that car but still you are driving it….now you behave like a macho woman independent…