Comedian/Musician-APlus Writes to Victoria Hammah | He Says He Can Hit the Jackpot from the Backside & As Such He Wants to Be the New Boyfriend

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A-Plus Letter to Victoria Hammah
A-Plus Letter to Victoria Hammah

Victoria Hammah was in the news last week for reporting his boyfriend to the Police over a fight—and his unwillingness to take up her unique s*xual demands, something of that sort we heard.

After we published this story, a GC reader-Akos aka ‘the late night gossip’ took up the challenge and solved the puzzle surrounding the Victoria Hammah and boyfriend’s early morning fight.

Solving the puzzle, Akos wrote;

Since I am good at solving the puzzles with my recent work being why men are idiots, let me tell you what I believe happened at the morning between Victoria Hammah and her boyfriend which got her upset and led to the arrest of her poor boyfriend.

It is not possible to go anywhere from the back of Victoria Hammah and I think we will all agree on this. It is like hitting your head against a thick wall, hoping to find yourself at the other side of the wall.

But as a woman, she has heard a lot about the bend over and take the back shots so she has been for many months asking her boyfriend to give that treat, I think.

Victoria Hammah
Victoria Hammah

When the guy asked for some money to buy cans of red bull for the needed energy to make the hard knock possible, she gladly paid. This was necessary because a thick wall was going to be penetrated.

Unfortunately, Mr. man could not deliver on his promise after Victoria Hammah held the wall facing him for an hour. He could not get anywhere as the big backside just stood in front of him like a mountain—Kilimanjaro type.

After almost an hour of no success with getting through the thick wall, he gave up and that is when the fight started. Even if I was Victoria, I would be upset too and report the guy’s damn butt to the police. Who does that? Nonsense…Try hard next time.

Ghana Police did well with this case by amicably settling things and I believe they gave them other options that they’ve never considered.

So now you know what really happened. The Puzzle has been once again solved by Akos, the late night gossip. And to those Ghanaian men who love big butts, better learn your lesson from this”.

And today, comedian/musician-Aplus has written a letter to Victoria Hammah, taking the huge risk to become the next boyfriend—emphasizing that, he can hit the jackpot from the backside.
Check out the letter below…

A-Plus Letter to Victoria Hammah
A-Plus Letter to Victoria Hammah

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
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