The Chinese Have Brought their THING to Ghana | Dynasty Chinese Restaurant Closed Down as AMA Cracks Down on Filth

Dynasty Chinese at Osu, Accra
Dynasty Chinese at Osu, Accra

In its latest fight against cholera in the city, the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) yesterday closed down Dynasty Chinese restaurant in Osu after an inspection team stormed several restaurants in the area to inspect.

For some time now, the AMA has been inspecting the hygienic practices of restaurants, chop bars and other eating businesses. A move I highly applaud. People pay so much for food from these restaurants only to end up with all sorts of food poisoning.

The Public Health Directorate of the AMA headed by Doctor Sampson Anim Boateng closed down Dynasty Chinese Restaurant because it had the most unhygienic kitchen in which it prepares food for customers. Algae infested surroundings, a defective gas cylinder which was supported by a stone, grease and soot accumulated surfaces and heat extractors, rusted and filthy stoves and algae infested areas at the entrance to the kitchen.

Other restaurants like Noble House and Frankies were warned of slight uncleanliness which they promised to clean up but the filth encountered at Dynasty was too much for the AMA to overlook leading to the closure.

Doctor Sampson Boateng is reported as saying, ‘’we cannot joke with the life of a single person. It is important that where people patronize food should be kept in safe and hygienic condition and that is a Mandate I will not compromise’’

He said the operation will randomly continue and the AMA will show up anywhere at any time to check. From chop bars to high class restaurants, nobody is exempted.

Personally, I am just wondering how long Dynasty has operated in such nasty surroundings, Take a look.

Dynasty Chinese Ghana

Dynasty Chinese at Osu, Accra
Dynasty Chinese at Osu, Accra


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