President Mahama Says Some Places Are Worse than Ghana So Stop Complaining & Get Motivated

President Mahama_opt
President Mahama

Speaking to some Ghanaians in the USA, President John Mahama stated among other things that; Ghanaians do not appreciate what they have and complain a lot—forgetting that, some places are worse…

He said “Unfortunately in Ghana, we don’t count our blessings; you can have a glass and pour some water in it half way, you can describe that glass as half empty or half full.

“If you describe it as half full you are motivated to put some more water to fill it. If you count it as half empty then you are de-motivating yourself,” President Mahama said.

He continued, “it is only when you count your blessings and count your successes that you have a certain motivation to build on the successes you have achieved.

“Unfortunately in Ghana, if you just sat somewhere and listen to us you would think we live in the worst hell hole in this world. I have visited other countries on the same pedestal as us and look God has blessed us to have that country that we have.”

So the President has visited places which are on the same pedestal as us and these places are worse, so we should shut up and allow his government to continue in this manner until we go down to level of those places…right?

The biggest problem with the Mahama administration is the fact that they cannot even acknowledge their poor performance—so how will they improve?

And when Ghanaians talk, he will respond by saying; we complain too much.


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