T.B Joshua Shooting Off His Mouth at His Critics: Throws Out Several Threats in Bizzare Message

T.B. Joshua
T.B. Joshua

I think a little honest scrutiny should be thrown the way of our Men of God every once in a while. We put them on this ‘high and mighty’ pedestal where they can do no wrong, and it allows them to take advantage and get away with things they ordinarily should not get away with.

If we aren’t willing to do this, we certainly should take the opportunity when something fishy comes along to ask these questions we would ordinarily not ask. A person’s status should never shield them from having to answer the honest questions of the baffled multitudes.

This church collapse and the aftermath have raised several valid questions about T.B Joshua and his church. There was neglect in the building plans that led to the accident; there has been a certain ineptitude in dealing with the fallout from both SCOAN and T.B Joshua that warrants scrutiny by any open minded person.

Unfortunately, T.B Joshua disagrees, as in a message to his congregation has thrown a metaphorical bull’s eye on all those questioning him. Apparently, anyone who dares question his good intentions must be an enemy agent and should tread carefully, as God would deal with them, and quite harshly I should add.

“This issue at hand is a delicate issue. People are using all this to gain money and friends. This is a warning. Whatever anybody wants to write, let them write it; they will be the ones to read it”

I said, our God will get back to them. He has started somewhere. He is coming. If your brother is involved, unless he can resurrect the people who died, he will join them. If you can resurrect the people who died, you can go free”

“The servants, the people who sent them, the people who heard the stories all around and those who want to use it for themselves and disturb my spirit, you may likely join them. Be careful, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Let us be very careful of our tongue”

So the critics should tread carefully, God is on the warpath. He is looking for blood, to atone for those smearing the name of his good servant. And we all know what God is capable of.

“I pray the satanic agents should be the only ones to suffer this. I said, our God will get back to them. Warn your family and brothers about their talk. You will know I am a man of God this time. People who are looking for your downfall and run to disturb your spirit, warn them to be careful of their tongues and the people who come to them. God is a God of vengeance

There might be people out there making their ‘money and friends’ from this whole incident as T.B Joshua is saying, but most just want answers to the real questions arising. Why were floors being added to a building without strengthening the foundation, why were journalists being bribed to control the narrative, why the utterly ridiculous explanation for the cause of the collapse which borders on considering your entire audience moronic?

T.B Joshua has laid down the gauntlet, it’s now time for God to respond and carry out his able servants threats. It is a good God who is willing to carry out murder to stop people from smearing the good name of his servants.

People in public positions deal with detractors all the time and I don’t see why pastors should be any different. The way I see it they need these questions being asked about them even more often than other public officials, they often exercise a higher level of influence over people that bears closer scrutiny.

T.B Joshua, I don’t think the way the world works is that you call down fire and brimstone on those who disagree with you.

The rest of the message, delivered on Sunday September 28 to his congregation and dealing with several more issues, can be read here.


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