Black Stars Management Committee Members Collected $557,000 As Appearance Fees


The Justice Dzamefe Presidential Commission continues their relentless search into the events surrounding the debacle known as Brazil 2014.

Several high profile personalities who were in one way or another associated with running Ghana’s appearance in Brazil has appeared, with some making startling revelations along the way. But as the committee gets closer to fulfilling their mandate, they are now interrogating people who were directly in charge of the Black Stars, and some juicy titbits are coming out as a result.

Acting General Secretary of the GFA Emmanuel Gyimah, took his turn in the hot seat today, and if Ghanaians are feeling nauseous by some of the revelations so far, Mr Gyimah’s own is enough to churn the stomach just a little bit more.

According to the FA General Secretary, he received an authority note from Kwesi Nyantakyi, which he presented to the accountant of the Sports Ministry, to cash $557,000 to be paid out as appearance fees to the members of the Black Stars management team.

The money, he said, was for the seven member management committee, with each member being entitled to $82,500. He said he delivered the cash to FA President, a management committee member himself, in Brazil.

Even more astounding was the fact that there were only five management committee members in Brazil, yet the note was for seven. Jordan Anagblah passed away a while ago, whilst Emmanuel Kyeremeh left the committee, and since then the Black Stars had been run by a five member team.

You have to wonder that upon all the hullaballoo made about paying the Black Stars team their appearance fees, an incident that exposed Ghana to international ridicule, the management committee members were also getting appearance fees; and in fact theirs had been paid already whilst the players were being held to ransom.

And for a management committee member, what exactly does appearance fee mean?

Even worse the money was taken for seven people, one of whom is deceased, yet only five people are on the committee and thus received the money. If only five people shared the money, we have management taking just as much money as each player who actually played in the world cup.

It seems this Brazil debacle is, like Winston Churchill said of the Russians; “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”. The more layers you peel away, the more layers you get.

You can only wish at the end, people would be punished like the President declared so brashly just a few days ago, yet I somehow doubt that.


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  1. and yet drs take 500$ a month after how many years of school(with expensive bks n shyt),unbearable work hours and exposure to all kinds of nasty diseases, and people complain! 82,000$!!

  2. Are the management team not paid monthly as permanent staff of GFA, why should they be given such amount for appearance fees, and they have the nerve to bare government from investigating their activities,

  3. Oh my gosh look at how we are spending money yet the country is poor….oga dey chop am nyafo nyafo….I also heard in the news that Jackie john and the rest all got 20.000 dollars each for representing Gh in Brazil….this is sooooo sad…what’s the government doing? why are we so damn corrupt….every politician is corrupt….but we need to find a new word for this kind of corruption…. B3 we cash…where’s Martin Amidu..