What is WRONG with Men of Today? | They Don’t Even Know How to Pick Up Women

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It is getting ridiculous on our streets and therefore I’ve decided to write about this—hoping to form allegiance with others on this issue.

For some reason, the new crop of men on our streets lack the skills and decency needed to pick up women and most of them are coming up as annoying birds.

The way some men carry themselves fits the word—harassment, and just yesterday, I nearly punched a guy in the face for all the stupid names he kept calling me, thinking those names will excite my ego.

I am a beautiful woman and I do not have a problem with men approaching men—either young or old. But my issue is with the details and the form the approach takes.

Instead of men walking to you and saying; Hello, ‘how are you’ or ‘may I have your number’, from afar; they shout; honey you look like a bomb. Worse, baby you looking hot, can I get your digits?

I do not mind if my man calls me honey, sweetheart, darling and throw any of those sweet words at me because they massage my ego but to have total strangers standing at bus stops or shouting these words from their cars upset me. Most times, I feel like punching them in the face.

Yesterday, after a long day at work while walking home, I heard several whistles behind me and instantly, I decided not to turn. This loser of a man continued with his whistling, as if I was some bird he was trying to get its attention.

He followed me for almost 5 minutes, still whistling and when he realized I was not going to look back, he increased his steps and came very close to me. He said something along the lines, baby why are you ignoring me? That was when I felt like punching his face…

It seems men think all women are looking for sweet words or fall for some stupid words without taking behaviour into consideration. You want the attention of a woman, be polite and decent—and not come up as some uncouth person with no brain.

Last week, I gave my number out to a guy in the gym and though I know he is not cute, he was polite in his request so I could not find any reason not to let him have it.

If I hate ‘sweetheart, darling and honey’, I equally hate being called ‘empress, queen or any of those nonsense’ by strangers. It is silly how some men behave out there—harassing and treating women with contempt, and yet expect some good response.

Soon, I will start punching some of these annoying guys in the face. These men need to be told the difference between compliments and street harassment.

What has your street experience been with men?

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