GC Cartoon of the Week: Actor Big Akwess’ Apology Edition

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Big Akwess Ban
Big Akwess Ban

Last week, Kumasi based actor-Big Akwess (real name Akwesi Asamoah) was in the news for having made a comment which suggested that Ghanaian Directors and Producers sleep with actors and actresses in exchange for movie roles—an industry trade secret.

Following this comment, Big Akwess was attached from all quarters, by a group called Actresses Association of Ghana, then came Ghana Actors’ Guild and FIPAG.

Even though Big Akwess went back to the TV station where he made the above comment to retract his statement as the above bodies demanded, he was still slapped with 2 years ban by FIPAG.

Today, we look at the Big Akwess’ apology with our GC Cartoon of the Week…

Edith Osei Bonsu
Edith is a vivacious ‘natural hair’ wearing woman living in the United States. Her first passion is writing and her second is travelling. She speaks 4 different languages and she is currently taking charge of “Mandarin”