We Thought Apartheid Ended But There is Still a Town in South Africa Where Only Whites Are Allowed to Live There

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When Being Black Sucks
When Being Black Sucks

Those who think the end Apartheid in South Africa collapsed the racial segregation system which saw Black people suffering on an African soil for many years will be shocked by this.

Even today, there is a town in South Africa where only whites are “allowed” to live there and you sort of need a permission to visit if you are a black person.

This town called Orania which has a population of about 1,000 was established in 1991 and only few black people have set foot in that town…

BBC reporter- Pumza Fihlani who was granted permission to visit the town with her crew wrote; “Racial interaction is not welcome in the Afrikaner-only town, where only Afrikaans is spoken, because of fears about ‘diluting culture’”.

The community leader­- Carel Boschoff Jr, is reported to have explained why there is whites only town in today’s South Africa as; “We do not fit in easily in the new South Africa. It [Orania] was an answer to not dominating others and not being dominated by others,”.

Orania is a full structured town with its own shops, hotel, hair salons, post office, schools and several churches and it is for the Afrikaners.

Afrikaners are descendants of Dutch, German and French settlers who arrived in South Africa in the 17th Century.

For me, the questions is; so there are still white people in South Africa and other parts of the world who feel the need not to have anything to do with black people in this 21st century?

No matter the reasons and benefits; racial segregation should have gone with the wind of the past…But then who wants to live with people who do not want you around them and perhaps hate your skin colour and your existence.

This paragraph should tell you more about the people of Orania;

“They seem oblivious to the oppression of black South Africans during apartheid. For them it was a system that gave order” Pumza Fihlani said.

Apartheid was a system that gave order? We definitely get it!

Edith Osei Bonsu
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