He Has Slept With Over 15 Women & He is a Damn Hero | I Just IMAGINED Doing the Same & I Am Tagged a Prostitute

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I do not like to come on here always upset—as many may begin to call me an angry black woman, especially the men.

But since my circumstance which usually pushes me into frustration has not changed and the world we live in today is full of cotton headed men, I guess you will be reading a lot from me in this tone—things will change when some goddamn aliens descend from outer space and take away all the waste of time men who keep getting on my nerves.

In fact, I don’t really care if you think of me as an angry black woman—you don’t even know me so who gives a toss? Whatever it is that is currently going through your mind about me is your damn problem.

I have my own issues and surely you do have yours too. If you want to leave your issues unattended to and appoint yourself the moral police or the person in charge of counting upset people in the world without pay, then good for you.

For me, I freaking much do not care how you use your time and energy since all what some people do nowadays is to sit and judge people—without knowing the sort of hardship and nonsense they’ve been put through.

Before jumping to my main subject, let me clear the bushes by telling the men who may be lucky to be reading me the hard truth, albeit the awkward gospel, which many women do not tell them, making the men think they are always the winners—when in fact, they get used all the time.

Men think (I will not say some because all of them do and if you are offended, go and jump into the red sea) they are far smarter than women. And they seem to think they define who gets used in relationships—mostly, placing themselves as winners.

What these men forget is that, women are also human beings and just as they have the human feeling to want s£x sometimes, if not all the time, women do too. The only difference is that, we are extensively smarter than them and when we want it, we do get it but in a diplomatic and cunning ways such that, we retain our pride.

Few years ago, I was having fun with an area guy and yet he thought he was playing me. He had a girlfriend at Dansoman which I didn’t care. Even if he told me, I wouldn’t have mind but he kept pretending—all along thinking he was playing smart.

I used to call him when I was home alone and felt like getting laid. Just as I talked about the cotton heads, he would always run to work things out with me. Even when he came, I would pretend I invited him because I merely needed his company and nothing else. I would put up the ‘shakara’ attitude and in due course let him in…

Eventually, I got tired of his services and decided to end the affair, let’s call it the area banging. Let me be honest here, I met another guy who worked near my office and I thought his pocket was a little cushioned so I went in for him. And I didn’t want any area loser who gossips about his s£x life texting me or calling me at wrong times to put my financial security in jeopardy.

Anyway, it turned out that this new guy was pretending and he was equally suffering the Accra hardship just like me. The posh car I spotted him driving was for his friend who had traveled. When the owner came, dude was back on the trotro so what was the point? I just needed him to pick and drop me from home to work, an attempt to escape the trotro headache. Since that was not going to happen, I had to disappear…

When I ended my little affair with the area guy, I heard rumours going around about how he used and dumped me. Perhaps, it should have been how I used him to fulfil my pleasure and dumped him. But then again, men think they are the only ones who have desires so in his mind, he was using me—another pig in a human skin.

Now, let’s get into why I am writing this and if you know me, you should by now know I am here to pump some sense into the many cotton heads who think high of themselves and less of women, especially when both have engaged in the same enterprise.

Why do men ask the question; how many men have you slept with when they meet you or begin to date you? Ironically, if you tell them the actual truth, they get upset and yet they ask and demand for the truth. Such a bunch of people with balls and yet have no balls to take the truth. Screw them!

I’ve had to divide the number of people I’ve slept with by the number 4, and then present the answer to any of those men who have asked me but recently, I decided to say the truth. And it is not that I’ve just given my life to Jesus Christ but because, I couldn’t take the accompanying nonsense from men anymore…

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It is pretty cool and it has always been this way for the men to say or for them to tell their friends they’ve slept with about 15 women—and counting. These men who have probably been used by these 15 women will go about parading themselves as ‘champion condoms’ and society endorses it.

But tell the man or any aspect of society that you’ve slept with 15 men or just fantasise about doing the same—and the thought of it alone will make these people call you a wh*re or if you are lucky, they will not be that ghetto and will say you are a prostitute.

This is where these men are just being plain stupid but they seem not to know. So if they are going about sleeping with 15 women each, don’t they think it is the same set of world women they are sleeping with even if the connection is not that close? Perhaps, they think they’ve been sleeping with aliens from Pluto. The numbers add up for the women too—duh, do your mathematics well.

For me, if a man dare asks how many men I’ve slept with; I’ve learnt to look into his face and put the right number on the table. Calmly, I will look into his ball-less eyes and say “I’ve slept with 12 fools who couldn’t stay around—I just hope you will not be the next”.

The measuring rode for morality or ethics or whatever useless discipline this comes under must be the same for both men and women. If a woman steals and it is bad, it should also be bad if a man does it. What kind of garbage is this and why have we allowed ourselves for so long to be judged by people who are worse than us?

Why does it even freaking matter the number of men I’ve been with? That is just the men; do you also want to count the toys and fingers too? Stupid mindset…


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