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Big Brother Hotshots Shower Hour Update: Sheilah From Botswana Shows ALL Her Goods to All of Africa

Sheilah Big Brother Africa
Sheilah Big Brother Africa

We all love Big Brother shower hour. Mainly because we get to peep at a bit of the n*kedness of some of our favourite housemates and feed our eyes on a bit of their goodies. I know because I do this with the guys. Those I have crushes on. I watch till midnight just so they can get careless and show me small.

I am however not too keen on seeing it all so I was shocked to see Sheila bare it all in the shower without a single care. The b*oty too is big! She even had a guy, Nigeria’s Tayo bathing right next to her. My goodness!

She could have even kept her panty on, covered up a little or kept herself in one position that covers her a little. I am tempted to think this was so deliberate because she kept turning around for us to see it all very well and viewers across Africa must have indeed feasted their eyes.

I don’t know what her strategy is but I feel this was rather early in the game for total n*dity. I hope it pays off very well for her because this is major and that video will be staying around on people’s phones and laptops for a long time. But all the same, she definitely made the viewers very happy.

Perhaps they will keep her in to see more n*de showers. Big Brother sure makes people go crazy during their time in the house. She better not deny like many before her did.

Sorry we can’t post the video here but ask around because people have it and you may get to see it.


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