Spiritual Cleansing Turns into Rape: Pastor in Nigeria Forces Himself on 19 Year Old Girl


Inasmuch as the world is filled with wolves in sheep clothing as the idiom goes, the world is also filled with people who are so naive and gullible it beggars belief.

The story of this pastor who raped a 19 year old girl is sure to trigger disgust, even though sadly stories like these are more commonplace these days. But the story of the girl and how she willingly went along with this so-called pastor really should call into question the wholehearted way people are willing to place trust in anyone styling themselves a ‘Man of God’.

The Sun reports one Anthony Arogunmasa, a self styled pastor has found himself in police clutches over the alleged rape of a 19 year old girl. The girl reported the incident to the police who picked up this ‘pastor’.

The victim said she was walking when this total stranger approached her and told her she needed spiritual cleansing. She said she followed him because she had heard some people calling him ‘pastor’.

“He took me to his house and gave me a candle and soap and asked me to start praying. He also brought out certain objects which he said were prayer items for the spiritual cleansing. In the course of the prayers, he asked me to remove my clothing and just tie a wrapper and I obliged. It wasn’t long after that he suddenly jumped on me and eventually had carnal knowledge of me forcefully.”

There is so much wrong with this sequence of events you have to wonder how dense you have to be to not see the logical conclusion of this series of actions.

How much is too much, before we open our mouths to stop what is happening, whether the person claims to be a pastor or not?

But a huge proportion of the blame rests on society as well; because we are raised not just to question the actions of elders, but to reserve some reverence for ‘Men of God’.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard the phrase “he’s a man of God, he must know what he’s doing”.

The preacher on his part admitted having sex with the lady, but claims she is his girlfriend. The Police made it clear that cannot be possible because their investigations show there is no way he could have known the lady.


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