Legendary Fashion Designer Oscar De La Renta Dies at the Age of 82

Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta (right)

Legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta died peacefully yesterday (Monday) at the age of 82 and he is survived by wife-Annette and his adopted son Moises who is a designer at the label.

His wife confirmed he passed away at his Kent, Connecticut home.

Though Oscar de la Renta was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, the cause of death is yet to be established.

Oscar de la Renta was born in the Dominican Republic in 1932 and he left home at 18 to study painting in Spain where he developed a love of fashion design and began an apprenticeship with Spain’s designer Cristobal Balenciaga.

According to a statement by the company’s executives-Alex and Eliza Bolen, De la Renta died surrounded by family, friends, and ‘more than a few dogs’. 

The statement also read: ‘While our hearts are broken by the idea of life without Oscar, he is still very much us. Oscar’s hard work, his intelligence and his love of life are at the heart of our company.

‘All that we have done, and all that we will do, is informed by his values and his spirit. Through Oscar’s example we know the way forward. We will make Oscar very proud of us by continuing in an even stronger way the work that Oscar loved so much’

Oscar De la Renta recently designed Amal Clooney’s (George Clooney’s wife) wedding dress.


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