Can the Tribalism STOP? | What Has Ewes Done to Some Ghanaians?


Dear Chris-Vincent,

Can you please publish the below write-up for me?

I am a proud ewe man who will never want to be anything else but it does not mean, I do not respect other Ghanaian tribes or feel my tribe is anyway better than them others.

Before I proceed, let me point out that human beings are naturally bad or evil and as such, there are bad or evil people in whatever groupings you will come up with. So in every tribe, you will find bad people out there and no crime is associated with just one tribe. Same way you will find good people in whatever tribe you examine.

In each tribe, there are people who are thieves, liars, greedy, womanizers, prostitutes and also those who are greedy. Stereotyping any group of people in the way some people have been doing on this site does not show how ignorant they are, it also tells a lot about the hatred they have built in their hearts for no reason.

Even though Chris-Vincent recently wrote an article in which he said all the above—adding that, tribalism has no place in 21st century, most people on this same blog unceasingly perpetuate tribalism and constantly insult ewes.

I cannot say for a fact who these people are but the attacks on ewes are just unbelievable. Sometimes, they extend the attacks to the people of Northern Ghana too which makes me think that, those doing the attacks are neither ewes nor northerners. This leaves us with a possible culprit-the Akans, especially the Ashantis who seem to hold a grudge against ewes for no apparent reason.

This attack does not only take place on GhanaCelebrities.Com, when you visit other popular Ghanaian websites , people do the same and I cannot just bring myself to understand why any intelligent person will engage in tribalism to this low level.

An article or news item will not have anything to do with ewes and yet, these internet trolls or attackers will jump into insulting ewes.

What at all has ewes done to Ghanaians especially the Akans? We are a generation of educated people yet we behave far worse than the generation of our grandparents who hated other tribes based on some stupid assumptions and stereotyping.

Ewes are well educated people at various high world and Ghana positions; ranging from politics to health and so are other tribes. No one is better or inferior so the constant pull down of people because they are ewes must STOP.

It is not funny. Everyone must be proud of his or her tribe but must also respect where others belong. I will never want to be an Akan because I am proud of my roots and I will accept if you will never also want to be an Ewe…

Despite it all, I am a FREE INDIVIDUAL and you better be too!

From: M. A./ Ghana


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