University of Zimbabwe Bans Kissing & Being Intimate in Public on Campus

University of Zimbabwe bans students from kissing
University of Zimbabwe bans students from kissing

Where else in the world would you come across such nonsense? Definitely, you will catch it in Africa and there are only some few countries this can take place—with Zimbabwe being on top.

University of Zimbabwe has banned or let’s say has made kissing and having seks in public a punishable offence. We have no problem with the latter since no decent individual should even be doing that in public.

But to make it some sort of offence for a person to kiss, hug or be intimate with another in a higher education institution is just plain stupid. Let’s not forget that such institution may also have married couples—and they are expected not to be intimate on campus or else they will face a disciplinary action.

According to the The Zimbabwe National Students Union (Zinasu), the university administration had a habit of instituting arbitrary rules without consulting student bodies.

The union was therefore “organising a petition against the campus kissing ban”, Zinasu’s Gift Maposa told the BBC’s Focus on Africa programme.

If this was somewhere in Europe, students will take one day off and line up, holding each other and kissing whoever is standing next to them—in protest and breach this rule.


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