‘If You Got the Opportunity to Be On BBA You Might Get N*ked Yourself’-DKB Tells Ghanaians



There has been a lot of brouhaha over how the insanely popular reality show Big Brother Africa is losing its essence, and how it has turned more into an avenue to promote ‘seks’ and immorality.

The interesting thing about this to me though, is that those who complain still keep watching. If you are so bothered maybe stop watching and find something else to occupy your time.

Anyway, Derrick Kobina Bonney, or DKB, one of Ghana’s former representatives on the show has laid into the members of the public who keep complaining about the show. To him BBA is about more than just n*dity and immorality, but it’s a big opportunity to market yourself which people try to do through any means possible.

DKB was speaking on Radio Universe and said he had the same complaints before entering the house.

“People who are always complaining about the n*kedness would stop complaining if they get the opportunity to enter the house. The main focus of the show is about you and your personality not the n*ked scenes”

“I used to be a critique of Big Brother because of these same reasons until I had the opportunity, then I totally forgot about the fact that there is n*kedness in the house and concentrated on how to promote my brand”

He also said that it was the same public who leaked the n*de scenes since that’s available for those with VIP access, so why would they turn around to complain about those same things?

“The focus of Big Brother is not to focus on n*dity but it is the viewers who are leaking it. Let’s provide those calling Big Brother names the opportunity and they will see the marketing and commercial aspects of the show and forget about this whole n*dity chapter. They will even find something to tell us if they are caught”

I find his comments hilarious but somehow true. It is a good opportunity to market yourself but some people would use it the wrong way, it’s just the way of life.

So next time you start complaining about BBA think about what you might do if given the opportunity to be there, and the likely explanations you can give when caught in a n*de scene.



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