Both US Nurses Who Contracted Ebola from Liberian Thomas Duncan Declared Free of the Virus | What Can Ghana Learn from That?

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Nurse Nina Pham Meets President Obama
Nurse Nina Pham Meets President Obama

It seems the United States is extremely well prepared to win their war on Ebola.

The deadly hemorrhagic fever has killed over 4,500 Africans since the genesis of this latest outbreak, but for the United States every single case has been beaten back with the victim declared virus free a short time after contracting the infection.

Nurses Nina Pham and Amber Vinson both got infected whilst caring for Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian who carried the virus onto US soil and died shortly thereafter. Both were immediately placed into quarantine and received specialist care which seems to have helped in containing the infection.

US health officials have declared both free of the virus, with test retuning negative results for Ebola in their blood. Nina Pham has already been released and even met with President Obama hours later, whilst Amber would remain in treatment for a while longer in Atalanta.

For every single case of Ebola involving a United States citizen, a full recovery has been made by the patient. Some would attribute to a secret serum available to them they aren’t willing to share, but it could also just be a case of extreme preparation and receiving special care.

One thing stressed about beating back Ebola is early detection and getting the person into treatment immediately, doing that is a big step in beating back the infection; couple that with receiving world class specialist care and maybe as much people would not have to die from the virus as they have in Africa.

The countries who were the epicentre of the outbreak might not have had the resources and organisation required to successfully contain it, but Nigeria and now the US are showing it can be done if the will is there.

Not everything in this world involves a secret conspiracy theory, we should rather get prepared and in the unlikely event of this virus striking this country we can acquit ourselves as well as these two nations and not have thousands of our citizens dying.

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