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Wealthy Africans Are Spending Almost £4million on London Property Every Week Yet Majority of AFRICANS Live in Abject Poverty

Nigerian Billionaire-Folorunsho Alakija
Nigerian billionare- Folorunsho Alakija is one of the Big London Properties Investor

Africans must really have good hearts and manners, free from envy to co-exist in the face of the extreme poverty that lies close to the few people enjoying stinking rich lifestyles—-as the continent of abundant resources seems to carter for only a few as the masses live in abject poverty.

In West Africa, the situation is no different, yet some of the few wealthy West Africans such as the Nigerian billionare- Folorunsho Alakija are reported to be spending almost £4 million a week on expensive London properties.

According to MailOnline, ‘while African buyers only account for 1.5 per of transactions in the ‘ultra prime’ London market, they make up five per cent of sales by value – up from two per cent. This is by typically spending between £15million and £25million on each home’.

Though we are not hearing of any of these rich Africans donating to help fight Ebola which is sweeping off people on the Africa continent as though they were insects, the website says ‘the recent Ebola epidemic and continued terrorism from groups such as Boko Haram has resulted in an increase in buyers in recent months’.

Despite the fact that certain parts of the Africa continent have been pushed into unending civil wars, the fact that vast majority of the people live in peace and poverty, yet surrounded by some very rich people who have such expensive lifestyle—and we’ve not seen any sort of Robin Hood revolution yet means Africans are inherently extremely peaceful.

For the Ronhin Hood revolution, if the huge gap between the rich and poverty continues to deepen, it will surely happen…

Properties Being Bought Buy Africans
Beauchamp Estates, which sells some of London’s most expensive homes, said properties such as the one above are those favoured



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