WEEKLY DISCUSSION: Women Can NEVER Do Without Men | True or False?

Women can never do without men
Women can never do without men

In the midst of all this overhyped women’s empowerment and independence brouhaha ( which sometimes reaches the level of belittling the significance of men in our society), I chanced upon the above Facebook post that just made my day.

It is funny how some ladies claim they don’t need a man yet deep down inside they are yearning for this wonderful species created just for the woman to enjoy.

My lovely ladies if you have been hurt by them, overcome the bitterness and move on. There are many more out there to choose from. If it is about not finding the right one or not being able to catch their attention, then take a step back, analyze the situation, make the necessary adjustments and return with renewed arsenal.

My dear, unless you are a lesbian or self-pledged nun, even if you don’t want the men—you will need them. If not today, someday.

So stop all that fronting. I wish I could have dashed this post a million likes especially coming from a woman. What do you think guys? Do you share the same sentiments as this facebooker and I?

Let’s get talking…


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