Lawyer Sandra Ankobiah is Not That Bad After All | See this JUDGE

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Judge Maria Cozma
Judge Maria Cozma

Many of us have slammed Sandra Ankobiah for having no professional decency when it comes to what she wears–calling her all sorts of names for the way she dresses.

As a lawyer, we expect her not to dress or behave a certain way—certainly not like the way Christabel Ekeh or Mzbel will dress. But it seems Sandra Ankobiah is not bad after all.

The above photo was shared by a newly-appointed Moldovan judge Maria Cozma, 27. And even though she looks banging, she has been rebuked by her peers for posting the busty shot on social media of herself wearing skimpy swimwear.

Though many has called for her to resign or be sacked over the photo, she still has her job as a judge—and if you care to know, her grandmother -Michael Poalelungi is the president of the country’s Supreme Justice Court. So it seems she is not going anywhere.

We didn’t know Judges look this hot in some countries—and as someone said, she must have gone for her job interview looking like this.

So after all, Sandra Ankobiah is NOT the only legal person who loves to flaunt things…

Sandra Ankobiah
Sandra Ankobiah

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