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VIDEO: The ‘Seks’ Before Marriage Debate| What is Your Opinion?

Word on the street
Word on the street

GhanaCelebrities.Com took to the streets of Accra with our cameras—and the question on the table was; what is your take on sex before marriage?

Interestingly, most of the people we spoke to were in favour of marriage before seks and grounded their reasons on religious teachings—making it seem; if not because of religion, they would do it before marriage. That is if they are not already doing it!

The truth of the matter is, most of us do not practice what we preach and when a camera is place in front of us, we run for the acceptable worldview—irrespective of what we do in private.

Watch the video below and tell us in honesty what your take is on seks before marriage…



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6 thoughts on “VIDEO: The ‘Seks’ Before Marriage Debate| What is Your Opinion?”

  1. All the biblical condemnation of premarital sex came from the new testament. Mostly from Paul. The man who admonished people to only have sex after they are married and yet he himself refuse to marry. Now if Ghanaians were logical they will conclude that Paul did not like sex because he wouldn’t even marry to have one. Which begs the question how can anyone trust a sexless hermit. The other question is does any one knows of Paul/Saul sex life before he became a follower? It is possible he indulged in it before he became a follower. So what does that make him? What of all the pleasure sex Solomon had? There is also the case of sex for procreation only. So after marriage every sex you have with your wife that doesn’t lead to babies is a sin? These and other contradictions is the reason I say ‘ye ma wo ho beto wo’. Do what makes you happy. Make merry and roll in the hay as much as you can for if it wasn’t meant to be, they would have been a latch or locks on those areas of pleasure.

    • Deut 17:17 – Consider that specific instruction for an elder to have “one wife” implies that this differed from the requirements for other Christians. Otherwise it would not be called out specifically for an elder here. The purpose of this is provided in the context: it was so that the elder could focus more time on the needs of the church versus needs of multiple wives. In effect, Deut 17:17 in no way condemns sex before marriage or sex with more than one partner. It outlines a lifestyle fitting for an elder who needs time to devote to the church.

      Additionally, *sex is not marriage*. According to the Bible. Marriage is God joining two people together (Mark) and a man choosing to “unite” with his wife (Genesis). Then yes, sex follows with that, but marriage is more than just having sex. A decision, no ceremony, is the brass tacks basis. That is all the text says.

      What is this about Fod not wanting individuals to experience a “spiritual bond” through sex, save during marriage? What?! I enjoy a spiritual bond when I pray with other believers as well, and I’m not married to them. Should I cease praying with them immediately? The idea that a spiritual blessing will be withheld from couples who have sex prior to marriage is without a doubt the most rampant and unbiblical sex myth I have heard. It is based on mystical, unfounded dogma. 1 Cor 6 describes the spiritual negativity of uniting with a prostitute, but that is a very extreme and abnormal situation. No where is a “special spiritual blessing” described for the over-chaste persons holding out for marriage.

      “Fornication”: From the word ‘porneia”, translated, “Prostitute.” The word in Hebrew is ‘zanah’, also a direct translation “Prostitute.” Both cultures included Incest and Adultery (taking another man’s wife) as part of the definiton. But fornication was simply sex with someone outside of an intimate relationship, such as a prostitute. Which God forbids. However, there are intimate relationships aside from marriage, and before marriage between people who are dating, and nothing anywhere in the Bible condemns that. That is why throughout the Old Testament patriarchs and holy prophets take more than one wife, and concubines. 1 Corinthians 6:15-18 clarifies fornication as a prostitute-related act. Sex is a joy to be expressed an experienced inside AND outside of marriage, as long as prostitution, adultery, and incest are not part of it. Also the Old Testament condemns bestiality

  2. So all these people want to tell us they are Virgins or what? Catch them at night and you will see.

    Even as a woman I don’t believe in sex after marriage.

  3. What an interesting experiment. So, Ghanaian youth don’t believe in multiple partners? Wow! Hmmm… I watched a similar video on YouTube and this time the experiment was recorded in Nigeria. In fact, It is a complete contrast of what I just saw here. In that particular video, almost all the Nigerian ladies believed in dating multiple partners for absurd reasons. It will be interesting to know how the Ghanaian youth would have responded if the experiment was recorded with a hidden camera. I’m pretty sure the answers would have been different than what we just saw. They are vividly aware that since they’re being recorded it may end up on the Internet so they put on a good charade.

  4. As a virgin with no experience in dating or kissing for the matter, I do believe that sex before marriage is a sin. And this is coming from an 18 year old university student.  Now I will not condemn anyone for participating in sex before marriage, but I personally will feel hurt if my future husband is not a virgin. I would feel hurt because I was faithful and kept my virginity only to find out that my husband is not a virgin and has had multiple sex partners. I also think that it is somewhat selfish to your spouse {if he/she is a virgin}.


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