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6 Reasons Why Itz Tiffany Deserves Everything & Even the More to Come | I Do Not Feel SORRY For Her

Itz Tiffany
Itz Tiffany

I am a proud African woman and my pride does not just spring from the fact that I have a big booty and an enviable chest—capable of letting a lot of men turn and pull their necks like mad Giraffes anytime I walk past them on the street.

My pride as an African woman comes from the home upbringing I received, the level of decency I attach to my existence and majorly, the influence of the African culture in my life, a real golden touch on my personality.

Smartly, I’ve adopted a lot from the West and I mean those that are of great benefits to my survival and empowerment as a woman. I am loud, bold and open minded—many will drop these as African traits but I have borrowed them and have perfectly weaved them into being an African woman.

I wouldn’t hesitate kicking any man who tries to take me for granted in the balls and some may argue that this is no way African. But I tell such people that, I equally respect the men who treat me with care and understand the position of a woman in society.

Being an African woman living in a global village does not mean you should juxtapose the African and Western cultures and pick the one which appeals most to you. It means you should hold on tight to your identity and steal from the other cultures some of the missing but immensely beneficial traits.

Social media has been buzzing for the last few days after GhanaCelebrities.Com broke the Rapper-Itz Tiffany’s leaked seks tapes story—and out of curiosity and the desire to feed our human gossip instincts we’ve all found ways to obtain the tapes.

I had about 10 people sending the videos to me on Whatsapp last night. Seks tapes are being propagated and shared as if they are the words of God.

For many, the tapes are disgusting and did not expect Tiffany Owusu to have such a messy coochie—as if anyone can point me to a coochie that is not of that form or shape. All coochies will come up nasty if you take a camera close to them like that. If you don’t know, ask your mother…

For me, my immediate worry was the little stick that was doing the playing but that is not my subject for today so I will just let it pass. Some of these girls are really wasting their time and energy, chopping down pencils and yet they keep talking ‘plenty’.

My last boyfriend was a real anaconda, capable of sending electric shocks into my spinal code—and even with him, I dropped his black butt instantly when he forgot that I am an African woman who takes pride in respect and whispered an unacceptable sentence into my ears. The dude wanted a 3some…

No doubt the man who recorded the tapes with Itz Tiffany and leaked them is a monster—but to be frank, there is a monster in every person. The truth is, it takes a lot of push for the monster in some people to come out and for others, anything trivial gets them screaming.

Having watched the 3 videos with my ‘korokoro eyes’, I do not feel pity for Itz Tiffany in any way—and I will state my reasons in 6 quick points. I don’t care if you do not agree with me simply because you ride on the same dense wavelength with her but at least, you’ve read me.

1. Itz Tiffany is a Loser

For many stupid women like Itz Tiffany, love is blind—but the truth is, people are blind and dim, not love. Only a real loser ends up with such a douche bag with uncountable criminal convictions and a murder allegation hovering over his head…

This guy did not just wake up one day and decide to become this way. It’s in him and love cannot be the reason why when Itz Tiffany failed to see the signs—pure stupidity or greed for money did.

2. Tiffany Owusu Herself is a Disgrace

Forget the seks tape because a lot of decent African women find themselves laughing to the cameras n*ked, believing the video will stay private forever. Therefore we cannot label Tiffany as a total disgrace for appearing in a seks video, obviously recorded in private and meant to stay in private.

Nevertheless, not a lot of African women will drag their butts on the floor in such a disgraceful manner as she did—intending to curse a guy over a BBM message and stop him from cheating in the future. Who the f**k does that?

The whole n*kid butt dragging episode says one thing about Tiffany Owusu—which is; she is a bush girl and has no class or any bit of African left in her.

3. First Was a Mistake, a Repeat Makes You a Fool

Itz Tiffany is a chicken head and I pray when she enters the court room to sue her supposed ex-husband and baby father over the leaks, a judge tells her this in the face.

In less than two years, you’ve had nasty n*ked photos of you followed by videos leaked—and you want us to believe you are normal?

Reasonably, we cannot blame her for the leaks but it’s the excuses, especially the BS stories she comes up with after the leaks that makes her more of a big halfwit.

4. And the Man Has Custody Over Her Child

Can you even believe Tiffany’s son is in the custody of this guy who goes in and out of prison like the way I jump in and out of troto; all because I have not found any son of a b*tch called ‘mugu’ to buy me a car like lucky Christabel Ekeh?

Even if marrying this man was a mistake and having a baby with him too was a mistake; leaving your child with him for even a minute cannot be classified as a mistake—except if you are Lindsay Lohan and you are drunk on drugs.

5. She is Not Even Ashamed

A common attribute of every true African woman is the high pride we attach to our nakedness—and the moment our private business becomes public, we will go into a shameful hibernation. That is when you know a woman is innocent and genuinely feels sorry for the unforeseeable mess.

But has Tiffany showed this? No…

Considering the way she spoke about the first photo leaks and how she has started with this one (her tweet and interviews), she is one hell of a character who has no shame in her books. As such, she is capable of doing whatever and accepts whatever—at least that is what she says.

6. Obviously She Likes Such Men

I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Tiffany has some sort of fetish for bad guys. I mean those with criminal records and those who will not hesitate to abuse a woman. She claims the man has been abusing her and does not support her career—that is why she has decided to let him go. And that this is what has started the seks tape witch-hunt.

So the guy’s robbery and gun activities were not enough to tell this thick head Tiffany that, an African woman does not stay close to such a man? She only became aware and decided to run away when the abuse started coming her way.

Tiffany’s child with this guy is alleged to be around 6 -8 years old, and per the court documents GhanaCelebrities.Com published, this guy was as back as 2000 sentenced to prison for 6 years, for robbery.

So Tiffany knew his criminal history and perhaps played little or major role in some of his activities—and yet decided to have a baby with him and proceeded to marry him.

She was even cited in the guy’s murder extradition case court papers as a defence witness, defending the guy.

If you think the guy is a douche bag, then Tiffany is a crack-head.

To me, the issue is not about Tiffany recording a seks tape but what she did in the tape, the person she recorded the tape with and more importantly, her conduct after the leaks.

Tiffany, next time you decide to record such a tape, make sure the man is endowed so that in secrecy, we may enjoy from your torment—and share in your pain in the open.

You are just reaping what you sowed.


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41 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Itz Tiffany Deserves Everything & Even the More to Come | I Do Not Feel SORRY For Her”

  1. Whoever wrote this post is stupid insensitive and a disgrace. Who gave u e right to judge someone.ppl make mistakes but to make them feel worse than their feeling is unacceptable

    • I side with you. This writer parades herself here as if she was holier.ppl do worse having a sekstape with a loved one is no crime. I abore wat she did in that clip but u shut up with ur hypocrisy

    • Ehmmmmm, the person who wrote the article seems pained..easy on the harsh words…”let he who is without sin cast the first stone”..yoooooo..i have said my 2pesewas

  2. I’m not on here to condone the actions of Itz tiffany. Its messed up as an artiste because the younger generation looks upto personalities in the spotlight and secondly as a mother to the 6-8year old boy. For her to tweet that we have not seen anything yet and that there is more to come is very appalling and so unclassy. This is the second time her private parts has been in the public.

  3. whoever wrote this doesn’t make sense when it comes to Tiffany’s child…i believe one does not have control on getting pregnant…so stop saying she decided tonhave a child with the guy….pregnancy comes unexpected…if Tiffany had aborted the child you will be the same person to talk about it so shup up about her child with the guy….

      • @ Kaza, i didnt want to insult you but you deserve it, so i will. 😀
        You are such a BIG FOOL. who told you one cant have control on getting pregnant? you seriously need education on REPRODUCTION. KWASIAAAAAAAAAA

  4. I have finally watched all 3 videos. I’m really sad for her because this is really disgraceful. Darm dude is heartless.

  5. Thanks for saying my mind. This Tiffany has no class and she brought all these on her self. When I read about the guy I asked myself, which woman decides to go with such a man except if you are also into what he does. Maybe Tiffany herself is a crook and dealer

  6. Well as much I condone the whole sex tape thing,do u guys realized she said it happened 5 years ago?
    The guy is very stupid to decide to bring this out now.
    If we all had someone bring our 5 yr old skeletons out of the cupboard now,I bet it will ve been horror for us.
    How in the name do u decide to disgrace the mother of ur child?
    Which man in their right senses does this?
    Tiffany knows she screwed up,she probably just won’t publicly admit it.
    It’s a lesson!

    • But she also said the photos were taken for the man just 2 years ago if you listen to the interview. So 5 years or not still makes her blameful for all these doesn’t it?

  7. I arrived at one conclusion after reading this article…the writer has nothing to say. Reading her was a complete waste of time. Why did the website publish this article? It neither educates or entertains.

  8. Akosua I feel you paa this girl has brought all this on her self. This was avoidable. The moment a guy is into criminal activities a decent girl will just run away fast fast. She stayed, what for?

    • Dear chickenhead…she stayed,for the same reasons domestic abuse victims stay with their abusers. Does it make them less of victims or make it there fault?? So chill with the senseless questions perky nipples.

  9. hmmm.hypocrisy at itz peak.see hw u r insultn nd writing negative tinz abt her.its nt ur fault.De Bible telz us nt to judge oo.yooo

  10. Anytime I come on this blog, hoping to entertain myself, then stupid articles like this pops up. STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID…madam “I’m too perfect to end up like this”, u left the part where it says ur perfect parents shoulda thought u wisdom and knowledge. Anybody with brains functioning in their heads will know better to spew out stupidness like this. This video clearly was shot yeeeaarrs ago. During the days u nor tiffany would be prone to make childish and stupid mistakes like this. Tell me, how old was tiffany then, and how old is tiffany now? Ur sitting there childishly and stupidly judging and calling her all sorts of names, including people who are sensible to feel and understand what the real situation is. U said this is the second time, I say it can be the millionth time, it still doesn’t change the fact that it happened waaaaaaaay before she became famous or a mother or more so, a grown woman who would know better now. So dear madam “I’m too perfect to end up like this” next time before u judge and call people names, have someone with sense sit right next to u, to make sure u don’t sound as stupid as u do now. And oh, before u feel degraded by my words, remember tiffany is feeling worst by ur choice of words as well. After all, we all should be entitled to our opinions, right?

  11. Think this writer went to far if ur ex had an electric pole willy who cares to knw,I personally see noting wrng wit a s*x tape one way or the other each n everyone of us whose sexually active in away dne sumtimg jst sad it had to end like this for issue is why allow ur son to go live wit ur ex?cos wat I knw is tiffanys son if am not mistaken has been away for a yr or two whiles the guy was in jail doing who was taken care of the lil boy in the first place?is jst sad why will u let someone have ur responsibltly?this lady was jst not ready to be a mum n dat was a fact.if the boys family is Tken care of her son mkes me worried again if they couldn’t even help their son n put him on the rite path wat mkes u tink they do dat for ur son. Is sad too many tings it still dnt add up girl Betta cum clean.

  12. The typical Ghanaian will always defend the indefensible. Instead of u pple to all come together n discourage pple especially the young ones coming up that filming during ur private moments re not acceptable see wat some idiots re saying here. Those of u backing her tell me wher re ur sex tapes n that of your sisters if u think having a sex tape is no big deal. Morons . Y’all should bow ur heads in shame …

  13. Sorry Itz Tiffany,to lose one’s pride is very hurtful…. Be careful in all your endeavours next time…. All the best… stay safe..m

  14. Ewooooo (naija accent) it’s funny how we all jumping into conclusion that the writer is judging itz Tiffany…well she’s entitled to her opinion just as much as we are….I don’t know how some of you understood the article but I think all she’s saying is regardless of how much you trust a person, you will never know tomorrow….if you are together with a partner you love l…well claim to be head over hills with, when they say send a naughty picture…even if you don’t want to you end up sending it or making a video after all, thinking that you came to an agreement to delete it afterwards…but the thing is once it’s done it’s done…it’s really sad that this is happening….a man who really loves a woman will never release a sex tape unless it comes into the wrong hands….what the writer meant was that we should take caution when making or sending images like these….and also we should not ignore those red signals about a person thinking that they will change or be responsible as time goes by….it does happen although it can never be predicted….eij nsem w) ghana…


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