‘You Would Do the Nation a Lot of Good by Taking ‘Miracle’ Sessions Off-Air’- Former Prez Rawlings

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J J Rawlings
J J Rawlings

You cannot escape them nowadays; most television stations in the country have their own versions of it- hours of miracle and deliverance sessions involving pastors and their often awestruck congregations.

It must be some of the most compelling television for Ghanaians, because they often attract huge viewership. These often ostentatiously dressed preachers keep their congregations spellbound, whilst the testimonies keep flowing in from all angles.

It looks more like an A-class production of Broadway more than anything else, but remains hugely influential amongst Ghanaians. It perpetuates the cycle that keeps us dependent on these Men of God, which coincidentally is the path to richness for them.

One person who has realised the dangers continued exposure to such content holds on the free thinking ability of Ghanaians is former President Jerry Rawlings, and at a program over the weekend called for something to be done about those programs, per a Ghana News Agency report.

He is reported to have called for those programs to be taken off-air by TV station owners, unless the authenticity of said miracles can be proven scientifically.

According to the former President the programs were aiding in perpetuating ignorance amongst the citizenry, leading to a privileged few to profit off that.

He also added that the way forward, is for the people to be educated on how to probe what they see and not be unquestionably trusting

The problem here is education has never stopped people from being gullible whenever religion or superstition is concerned. After all we just saw Itz Tiffany, who I believe has an appreciable level of formal education, seriously engaged in ‘cursing’ her spouse in one of the released videos.

The solution would be to teach people that the ultimate thinking tool is logic and reasoning; but as long as people give their beliefs prominence when it comes into conflict with reasoning, we are fighting a losing battle down here.

Taking those programs off the air as the former president suggested would be a great first step, but as we all know that isn’t happening anytime soon due to commercial reasons.

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  1. Unfortunately, Ghanaians stopped thinking long time ago. They always depend on miracles and wonders as a quick solution to all their problems. And the greedy (charlatans)- pastors are aware of that, so they take advantage of the situation to extort money from their unsuspecting congregation.