Kojo Antwi Says ‘To Hell with Politics’

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President Mahama And Kojo Antwi
President Mahama And Kojo Antwi

At a time when several entertainers in neighbouring Nigeria are rushing into politics like a swarm of bees on a fly out, Ghanaian legendary musician-Kojo Antwi has said, even if given a political appointment, he will refuse it…

Apart from the reasons he gave, it is obvious that most Africans jump into politics not to serve the people, but to serve their own pockets—the reason why corruption is at its peak in that area of leadership.

When asked on Joy FM if he would accept a political appointment should one come his way, the musician replied; “Nope”. He added that, “I believe I have been granted a platform that is bigger than any political platform being NDC, NPP, CPP.”

“…I believe God has given me the World: Ghanaians in Australia are listening to me, Ghanaians in the US are listening to me, I have fans all over the place” he said.

According to Kojo, God has given him a platform far bigger than politics—and that he reaches more people on this musical platform than he would on any political platform.

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