Legendary French photographer-Jean-Paul Goude, 74, Who Took Kim Kardashian’s Break the Internet Photos Says They Are Artistic & Nothing Less…

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Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Legendary French photographer-Jean-Paul Goude who tool the recent Kim Kardashian break the internet n*ked photos for Paper Magazine cover has reportedly told a friend that they ‘were by no means a caricature of Kim, but art.’

Goude, 74, told a close colleague in Paris: ‘I am very proud of what they represent – yes there is meant to be humour in the pictures, but above all they are very artistic’

For his status and age, we can imagine the awkwardness to have Kim Kardashian posing in front of him bare butt and free from the front—and we can also imagine the excitement which could come with it for the old man…

Despite the internet backlash which sort of indicates that she broke the internet as intended, the photographer says the photo that we all find unnecessary and p*rn-like is nothing less than art.



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