VIDEO: Wendy Williams Descend on Kim Kardashian & Kanye West | Asks What Kind of Man Will Put His Wife n a Position Like This?

Wendy Williams

TV personality-Wendy Williams descended on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West yesterday as she talked about the trending n*ked photos Kim Kardashian took for Paper magazine.

And trust Wendy to say it as it is—she went in hard on her, just as she deserves…

With her sharp tongue, Wendy asked; “What kind of man will put his already successful wife, wealthy and popular wife in a position like this?”

Check out this episode of the Wendy Williams’ show below…



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16 thoughts on “VIDEO: Wendy Williams Descend on Kim Kardashian & Kanye West | Asks What Kind of Man Will Put His Wife n a Position Like This?”

  1. This is the one time i so agree her, this bish has so much money but her slorish ways keeps coming up and shes not gonna stop. I feel so bad for her poor daughter.

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  2. For once I agree with Gossip Wendy. I think nobody should be surprised she is a p*rn Star . feel sorry for her daughter as for her mumu husband no comments .

  3. This second rate celebrity who has made her bones putting down the real ones should be ignored. Am I the only who think she looks like an androgynous alien from mars? This sad excuse of a woman with her feminist friends and fans still blame the husband of this attention seeker for every disgusting thing she does. If she had any brains she will be asking Kim and not blaming Kanye.


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