Emmanuel Adebayor’s Sister Accuses Him Of Neglecting His Mom and Siblings: The Togolese Striker Retorts It’s Because They Are Plotting ‘Juju’ Against Him

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Emmanuel Adebayor
Emmanuel Adebayor

It seems somewhat crazy to me that someone of Emmanuel Adebayor’s standing would truly believe that his mom and siblings are plotting ‘juju’ against him, but that’s the drama that unfolded on Peace FM this morning.

Relatives of the Tottenham Hotspur forward, who just yesterday lined up for Togo against his adopted country, called into Peace FM this morning with some pretty wild allegations of neglect against the lanky forward.

They included two of his sisters; Margaret and Lucia Adebayor.

According to the two the Togo captain has neglected them, along with their mother, for the past six years. They have kept it quiet but are now fed up to the extent that they feel that they must tell their story to the public.

“For the past six years Adebayor has rejected his mother and his immediate family whilst doing charity outside on the premise that our mother is a witch.

“We have been thinking of his future as a footballer and did not want this issue out in the media but it is becoming too much.” Margaret, the elder sister, told the Accra based radio station.

Margaret went on to say Adebayor ordered his ‘machomen’ to sack his mom and siblings from his house in Togo, claiming his mom is a witch. She said their mom remains distraught over the issue and Adebayor never picks their calls.

“For the past six years he has abandoned his responsibilities towards the family and does charity work instead. But as far as I know charity begins at home.” She added emphatically.

The Togolese forward was contacted for his side of the story, and he confirmed his issues with his family, as well as his firm belief that they were plotting against him with ‘juju’.

“I never sacked my mom from the house, she decided to leave the house… But how am I going to be in touch with my mum if my mum is the one telling everyone that my work will not go forward?”

“They should stop talking talking, they should stop doing juju on me; they should leave me alone”

“Ask my sister Margaret whether I did not build them a house in East Legon, and what happened to it? I bought my younger sister Lucia a car worth $ 35,000, where is it?”

I am a little bit surprised by this news, as his sister raises a valid point about charity beginning at home. I am even more surprised that Adebayor is certainly convinced that they are plotting ‘juju’ against him, and that is the main reason for his aloofness towards them.

You would think he would be more upset about the extravagance he hinted at in relation to the house and car, but as most Africans he has gone straight to allegations of witchcraft. I don’t think in this day and age that is a valid reason for someone to neglect their mom, particular someone with the resources and fame available to Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor.

Interesting family drama, reminiscent of Michael Essien’s struggles with his father: what do you think?

Quotes: starrfmonline.com, peacefmonline.com


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  1. He could be telling the truth……I live in America and I helped my sister n brother come to America.During my graduation when my mother came I found out.She told everyone in Africa that my brother is the one who graduated and not me….am a girl.Also,I found out that she believed that I was lying that I graduated and when she came,she stayed 5 months.She made sure she destroyed my relationship with my sister.My brother is older so it took her about 3 years to poison my brother aganist me.At first I thought it was my sister who wanted to destroy my life.Last year my mother organized a memorial service for my dad who passed away a longtime ago more than 20yrs and. Guess how they informed me.Through a txt message from my cousin…cordially inviting me to my own father memorial service….So when my mom got sick earlier this year….I did not send money for her hospital bill….I was broke but I could borrow money and I didn’t.My brother n sister footed the bill…….while complaining and badmouthing me to any and all my relatives about how am a useless daughter….and my own brother told me that to my face…….and this infuriated my mom….who after leaving ICU and getting better decided to tell me that it was her idea not to inform me of my father memorial service n also I had some financial difficulties…it was her who told my brother and sister not lend me any assistance…..their a lot of layers in my story.But what am going to say when U hear this man saying that his family want to bewitch him and things of that nature.Know that their is a reason for their is bad blood and the bad blood may have started when his career took off…….and if he is not comfortable assisting his family….let him be they probably hurt him….so don’t be too quick to judge.

    1. Try not to post your personal life here too many konkonsa, some people might used it against you one day just a piece of advise

  2. I feel sorry for some of these footballers sometimes….oh on a different note… Mahama says free shs from next year….eij nsem w) ghana….

  3. As sad as it sounds I don’t blame emmanuel money they say comes with alot of wahala I live in America n I take care of 6 of my siblings including my mom I send money twice for land it disappeared I bought a production camera for my brothers who wanted to go into de show business worth 2000ghc he sold it for 900ghc I bought nothing good came out of it i gave them 10000ghc to rent a house for my mom dey spend when I refuse to be a fool again I was call all sort of names in the book my mom call my pastor here in America cried on de phone dat I have rejected her dis was the same woman I spend $5000 vacationing with her in SA

    1. That seem to be the problem with the no good oft useless people roaming in Ghana. But that is not witchcraft. It is sheer wickedness and greed on their part. A Ghanaian died from a heart attack here in Canada after he shipped his assets to ghana hoping to retire there only to discover that his mum and his two siblings have sold most of the stuff including his cars. And when he confronted them the mum played the victim. Adebayor may have other reasons but I don’t think he should bring in witchcraft. Most of our folk at home think very little of us except as a meal ticket or a provider of foreign goods. The whole ‘Ghana ye de’ nonsense they keep spewing is because they are living off our toil and sweat. It’s -15 here, and we still have to work. Do you think they care when they pick up the phone and asked for things. Ye ma wo ho be to wo! Don’t let them stress you out. Sometime tell them to fuck off. It’s therapeutic. You’ll feel a weight lifted.

  4. As for family issues and stories I guess every body has one… It’s sad that such a thing would be said about a guy of His stature… who’s obviously doing good by worldly standards… But I don’t blame him at all …. Until the recent demise of Michael Essien’s father , I think he (Michael) and His Dad had similar issues… “He who feels it knows it” Adebayor is a Big Cat, trust me he is not naive… Whether you believe it or not … Africa is Africa and not everything that happens on this side of the planet can be explained scientifically as some of you want us to believe… Hearing this on face value , makes a very sour impression of Adebeyor but a litmus insight into things might leave most of us jaw dropping…. We Africans are very wicked, I personally never knew how very mean my Dad was until I lost my mom 2 years ago…. After they’d been married for a whooping 32 years, a union that produced 2 kids of which I’m the Last Born…peace

  5. Hmmm, family matters bi sad smtyms n annoying smtyms but I hope Emmanual will cope a little to solve issues. ….. Wishing de best….