PHOTOS: How Nadia Buari Spent Turning 32

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Nadia Buari
Nadia Buari

Ghanaian actress-Nadia Buari turned 32 yesterday— and she has shared photos of how she spent her day.

Though the photos do not say much, she seems to have spent her day at a pebble beach and we hope she was not alone. Definetely, someone was out there with her taking the photos—so she must have gotten some good company.

Nadia Buari was on 21st November, 1982 at Takoradi to Mama Buari and an alleged Albanian man–and others say, the father is a German seaman.

On her birthday, the actress wrote; “I thank God for giving Me another Year to be Productive and Proactive, to share my life and be a blessing to other people. It’s another year to dream, to live, to enjoy, to share, to celebrate, and to execute whatever left unexecuted in my Life. Thanks for this amazing gift. My joy knows no bounds. #MyScorpioLove #BirthdayBlessings”

Check below for the photos…

Nadia Buari2

Nadia Buari1


Nadia Buari
Nadia Buari

And a video…

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    1. Why? Cos she’s 32? Pls don’t go on about biological clock and all that…for all that we know, we don’t know the reason why she has not settled down….but pls marry her if you can’t….if you can’t get soneone to marry her….people have been in marriages for the wrong reasons and it’s the kids that ends up suffering….there’s nothing wrong with marriage…people aren’t taking it seriously….