Shocking Video Showing Nanny Beating Small Girl Mercilessly Goes Viral | What is Your Take?

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Maid Abuses Child
Maid Abuses Child

Chris-Vincent’s Comments on the issue

There is a video going around of a housemaid grossly abusing a child—in fact that is atrocious (if you have not seen it yet, check it below).

I am not in anyway in support of the treatment the housemaid gave to the child but two things come to mind after watching the video!

In Africa, we treat housemaids with similar or the same gross contempt and do really we expect them to take genuine and proper care of our children?

Some treat their housemaids less as they will treat their own children. So what do such people expect when they leave these same abused maids alone with their precious children?

Also, have you considered why the housemaid was eating the child’s food? It wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that she does not have any food of her own—else she would have gone and taken her own portion.

Most of these housemaids are given no or little food or even if given, what they eat is what the dogs are worth.

CCTVs are not the answer to the conundrum; the answer lies in Confucius’ golden rule “Do unto others as you would want them do unto you”, found in the Analects (500 BCE). Of course, well plagiarised and stolen by religion (specifically Jesus Christ and the Bible- Matthew 7:12, the Hindu sacred literature- Mahabharata, bk. 5, ch. 49, v. 57, and the Buddhist sacred literature- Udanavargu, 5:18).

If we begin to treat our housemaids with love; they will treat our children with equal love…


This shocking video is enough to leave any person livid with rage at how anyone can be so heartless, particularly towards a child.

The woman in the video is the nanny who takes care of the kids of a Ugandan couple. The footage was taking with a secret cam in the living room, which the parents activated after finding bruises on their kids which the nanny could not satisfactorily explain.

The nanny was reported to the Police and is currently in custody. The girl is still alive despite several stories floating on social media that she had died.

A really sad situation and justice must be meted out to this heartless lady.

Watch the video below (Viewers Discretion)…