Assistant Director At The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Two Others, Arrested For Allegedly Aiding Ruby To Use The VVIP lounge At Kotoka Before Boarding Her Flight

Nayele Ametefe aka Ruby Appiah
Nayele Ametefe aka Ruby Appiah

So the saga continues with no sign of abating anytime soon, as three people have been arrested in connection to aiding Naayele Amatefeh, the now legendary Ghanaian cocaine courier who was arrested at Heathrow with 12kgs of cocaine.

As events surrounding the entire saga unravel, one thing that has been made abundantly clear is that Ruby must have some friends in high places to account for the brazenness of her methods. She, despite being a wanted woman and carrying such a large quantity of contraband, breezed past security at the Kotoka International Airport; the only plausible explanation being that she must have had help.

And preliminary BNI investigations have led to the arrest of an Assistant Director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and two other workers at the airport. Review of security footage from the CCTV cameras is believed to be behind these arrests.

The assistant director is one Abiel Ashitey Armah, who is in charge of the VVIP lounge at the airport. He is believed to have allowed Ruby and two other women to have used the VVIP are to board their flights.

Abiel is believed to have ordered the two others, Theophilus Kissi of the research department attached to the VVIP lounge and Abubakar Ahmed, to escort Ruby and the two other ladies through the lounge to board their flights; an order the two subsequently carried out.

Naayele Ametefeh was arrested at London’s Heathrow Airport for carrying 12kg of cocaine (valued at around $5million). Her arrest sparked a whole brouhaha that has engulfed this country for the past week and a half and the only thing certain is more arrests would be made before this whole thing is over.


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