ECG Workers Threaten to Throw The Nation into Darkness If Sacked Boss is Not Reinstated: For A Largely Incompetent Organisation They Have A Lot Of Nerve- And Aren’t We Already in Darkness?



The cheek on these people who are supposed to be public servants is unbelievable, as this statement from a staff of ECG shows.

The Managing Director of the company was ‘sacked’ last week by the President, ostensibly for his failure in containing the dumsor situation. Since then, some workers of ECG have been agitating, calling for the reinstatement of their boss, but I’ve never paid them much mind, until I saw these statements.

A myjoyonline report indicates new threats from some staff of the power distributor, and this time they are saying that if their boss does not return, they are going to plunge the country into darkness. They plan to do this by shutting down some substations.

Their arguments, per the report, are that their boss has been made into a scapegoat. His dismissal is unfair, and an attack on the entire working force of the Electricity Company of Ghana.

“If our MD is not reinstated, there is the possibility that we will take a decision that will not go in favour of the government” Abraham Lincoln, Secretary of the Senior Staff Association of ECG workers in the Eastern Region told Joy News.

“If we decide to shut the primary substation down, the whole country would be in total darkness, but what we are saying is we do not need to go to that extreme”

I do not know who this gentleman is, except that he has a very misleading name, but as an employee of the most reviled public institution in this country, he’s standing on very thin ice as it is and making such statements of false bravado is not going to help anyone in solving this problem they and their masters have saddled us with.

I argued last week that sacking the ECG head is not really going to bring much change, but that’s only because most of the underlining problems have not been tackled in any way. The truth is if anyone in this country deserves the axe, it’s the head of that incompetent organisation- and being relieved of his duties to be reassigned somewhere else is not exactly the worst fate in the world.

I shudder to think that we leave in a country where despite failure after failure, officials of ECG possess no sense of shame, but can rather come out to say this crap to us, the people of Ghana who they put through untold hardship every, single, day.

And I thought we were already in darkness? The situation in the country right now plunging us into perpetual darkness is not going to make much difference; we’re pretty much there already.


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