Indeed Ghanaian Celebrities Are Also Paparazzi | Joselyn Dumas in London

Joselyn Dumas
Joselyn Dumas

Few weeks ago, Chris-Vincent wrote an article titled ‘Ghanaian Celebrities Turned Paparazzi…Who Leads the Race?’ and in the article, he stated among other things that;

“Interestingly, our celebrities want to have things done like it is done in Hollywood or any of the countries with a proper celebrity/pop culture. They desperately desire to be photographed when shopping, when at the airport and when driving in town—obviously, to have these photos published on the blogs or in print.

But since no one really cares and we are not there yet, these celebrities have become their own paparazzi; posing for photos while at the airport, while shopping or while out and about. Mostly, they beg any one passing by or a friend to take the photos which they then tweet or put on their instagram pages…”

And shockingly, Joselyn Dumas is still in the game—-as these photos show. The actress landed at Heathrow Airport for Friday’s London premiere of ‘Love or Something Like That’ and it looks like she paid someone to follow her around taking photos of her—the Kim Kardashian style.

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We all know no paparazzi was following her or will even notice her, yet here we are with these photos—and the question is; all this for WHAT?

Sandra Ankobiah, Yvonne Nelson, Christabel Ekeh and others can be excused for this but Joselyn is a grown ass woman who we think should not be doing this.

Check below for more photos…

Joselyn Dumas2

Joselyn Dumas3

Joselyn Dumas4

Joselyn Dumas5

Joselyn Dumas
Joselyn Dumas

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