What Our Kids Want Us to Know


UP CLOSE and personal, this teenager encourages us to step into her world to appreciate the day to day challenges that are highlighted and which give us an insight into our interactions with our own kids..

Tell me a bit about yourself.

Hi, I was born 17 years ago into a family with two older sisters. I am a very active person who loves anything to do with music. My favourite food is jollof rice but I can’t prepare it (giggles). I also love nuts and grapes. I want to be an actress and business woman in future. My favourite subjects are Chemistry and History because Chemistry is the only Science I can do and History gives me the chance to express myself and talk a lot.

What informed your choice of career path?

I love money and I want to be famous.

How would you use your position in the future as an actress to influence society positively?

I would give to the poor, build schools and organise Cancer Awareness programs as many women are developing Cancer.

Do you plan on having a family?

Yes, I want to get married by the age of 27. I plan on having two boys and two girls but I wish they could be born old; the little ones are so fragile. Oh, and I would definitely want to get rich before I marry (smiles). My dream guy should be sweet, loving, faithful, hardworking and RICH.

Then you need to start now. Do you have a boyfriend?

Are you serious? (giggles)

Why are you tickled?

I didn’t expect that question. No, I don’t.

Why not?

I had one before but I felt too restricted. I wanted to be free.

I wonder if others feel the same way. Are a lot of teenagers in relationships?


For what reasons?

To have someone to talk to, for people to know they are not gay, for someone to tell them sweet words all the time, for someone to tell them how good they look everyday and also to have someone ‘move’ them (hides face).

(‘Move’ refers to fondling)

Do you think guardians should be more open about sex and relationships?


Why, don’t you think it will be awkward?

No oh. It is very necessary otherwise kids will be misled by others or they will experiment on their own.

Do you have any favourite celebrities?

Yes. My role model is Oprah Winfrey because she is a very open and empathetic person. I love Rihanna too because she is strong and perseveres no matter what. I would also have loved to meet Maya Angelou as she had been through many struggles.

Talking about struggles, how do you deal with the challenges you face as a teenager?

I don’t share them with anyone as I don’t trust people. I watch funny movies in order to forget about them or I just sleep.

Have you ever been faced with peer pressure?

Yes. I was out with friends when I was pressurised to smoke. I couldn’t say no.

So how do you normally deal with peer pressure?

I try to avoid vulnerable situations. I wouldn’t know what to do if I found myself in such a situation.

What social vice do you think is destroying the youth the most?

Drugs as in weed (serious face).

How is it destroying them?

Their eyes change, they see weird stuff and they act funny.

Do you think something should be done about it?

No, because it is a norm amongst teenagers and they will stop one day.

How about those who do not stop?

They will go for rehab therapy.

Don’t you think adults can help teenagers tackle their problems?

No, because they never seem to understand. They do not allow you to express yourself and they attack you for a lot of things you say.

Do you think they respect teenagers?

Most of them do not. They tend to say bad stuff about us and they ruin our relationships.

Elaborate if possible.

An example is when you are just friends with the opposite sex and they assume you are in a sexual relationship and try to break it off. It is really annoying and makes you feel you cannot be trusted.

How do you think this can be resolved?

They should listen more and talk less.

What other things would you love adults to do with you?

Cook and go shopping with me as well as show interest when I am sick. They should also care about other things aside education such as my friends, my kind of music and other social interests.

What advice would you give to adults to help in the up-bringing of their kids?

They should allow their kids to take part in decision-making and sometimes make decisions on their own.

Wow. What decisions should kids make on their own?

Career choice.


Because the kids should be allowed to pursue a future career they love.

Would you like to end this interview with an inspirational message for our readers?




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