Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself | STOP Falling in Love With Praying For Perceived Enemies to Die!

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People tell me I’m spiritually immature anytime I question these ‘back to sender’ prayers we offer in church. I mean, standing in church to throw missiles at our fellow human because they are our enemy… I have an enemy who rears its head once in a while and that enemy comes in the form of ‘being broke’ but I don’t pray for broke to die since it was ‘born’ before I was and will be there when I’m no more.

Some people are always praying for their ‘enemies’ to die believing that there’s an enemy sitting somewhere causing their woes and troubles. Now, an Apostle has urged Christians to stop offering “back to sender” prayers because such prayers are/were not supported by the Bible, and therefore, against the will of God. He also noted that many Christians were ‘falling in love’ with praying for perceived enemies to die, and described such prayers as “gimmick” and “wrong.”

He pointed out that God does not answer such prayers, and urged Christians to follow the example of Jesus Christ and show love for all. “Jesus is our example. We must be agents of peace and love. The enemy has no power over us. We fly above them if we show love and desist from sin. We must be sources of blessing to the world and desist from cursing and wishing people dead or destroyed.”

Through my own observation, I’ve observed that prophets who have some ‘bushiality’ traits in them have their own set of people they shepherd and another set who are enlightened being pastored by a ‘gentleman’. An enlightened person sits in churches where they are inspired and motivated with practical teachings and the other where they’ll carry a pastor on their heads because he has performed a miracle! Why would a right-thinking human being nod when a pastor tells her she’ll get HIV, the witches in their house are using their head to play football?

Didn’t the same God create humans? Didn’t ‘He’ say vengeance belongs to him? What the Apostle ‘forgot’ to say is that most of these pastors are sorcerers and cultists so they are inaugurating their congregants to become members using God as a cover-up!

What is the difference between a Christian cursing, swearing and chanting ‘die,die,die’ and a terrorist holding a gun to scatter people’s head? No difference! One is stabbing you in the back (and in the dark) whilst the other is fearlessly pointing the gun at you. We’re to love our neighbours as ourselves because that is what life and living is all about. Don’t waste precious time, energy and breath praying for such nonsense. Maybe, your enemy is greed, selfishness and uncouth character – actually, prayers against such makes more sense than asking God to kill someone else!

Since, Africans will only believe what a man of God is saying and do it accordingly; please listen to this Apostle and stop the ‘back to sender’ prayers because sincerely it is gibberish.

As Christians, we are to embrace people from all walks of life and we should love them not because we share the same faith with them but because we are all humans. Stop going to churches they’ll call your mother a witch and spend days on end fasting and throwing missiles. You’re free to go on a hunger strike but don’t call it fasting!

And please Apostle, whilst you’re at it, can you please tell your fellow men of God to STOP telling people they’ll curse them and appear in their dreams. It doesn’t speak well of them! How can a whole evaporated milk smearing pastor talk rubbish like that?

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