Woman in Canada Leaves Husband’s Corpse in Room For Six Months Praying For Him To Resurrect

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It takes a special kind of demented to go around a house for six months knowing full well there’s a decomposing body being housed in there. Yet that’s exactly what Kaling Wald, from Ontario, Canada, did as she kept her husband’s corpse whilst praying everyday he got revived like Lazarus.

CTV News reports her husband Peter was diagnosed of diabetes in March, but just like in the aftermath, Kaling’s ridiculous religious beliefs got in the way. His foot became infected, yet they refused to seek medical help, instead seeking solace in faith. Peter slipped into a coma and expired before the end of the month.

Still, she refused to accept defeat; and kept him in their apartment waiting for him to resurrect. She enlisted the help of their five kids, aged between 11 and 22 years old. Together with their housemates they prayed and waited for the glorious day when ‘Lazarus’ would emerge from his tomb.

That day never came; rather it was the police who arrived to evict them, because they had defaulted on their mortgage. It was at that point that the body was discovered and the lady arrested an arraigned before court.

Kaling pled guilty to the charge slapped on her, and received a 5 year suspended sentence, as well as 18 months probation with counselling.

It’s amazing what people would do in the name of religion, though its entirely plausible Kaling was living in denial after her foolishness got her husband killed. Either way it’s not a pleasant experience for anyone to go through.

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