Meet Makose: The Musician & Flutist Showcasing African Culture through Music

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Makose ( real name Eric Mensah) is recognized as one of the very few creative upcoming artistes who define indigenous African music to its core.

Makose combines the art of playing musical instruments with his song writing ability to make his brand complete. As an emerging artiste, he takes inspiration from Nigerian instrumentalist and musician, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, determined to help combat European cultural imperialism and promote Ghanaian/African culture through his songs.

If one has not listened to Makose’s songs before, his choice of outfits alone will draw attention to nothing but one – a promoter of Ghanaian/African products. It’s therefore not too surprising that he is doing music that focuses on upholding African culture – something many youths of his age wouldn’t consider doing.


His name Makose, which means mistake in Swahili, is a well-chosen name for what he truly stands for. According to him, he chose Makose (mistake) because he thinks Ghanaians/Africans have made a huge mistake by embracing the white man’s culture and neglecting what belongs to them (Ghanaians/Africans).

Makose, who is currently working on his upcoming debut album (scheduled to be launched in March 2015), has put out one video already titled ‘Fine Fine Woman.’ In the video, he talks about a young African woman who sleeps around with different men and its outcome, employing an African setting to depict the story.

Some of the songs on his forthcoming album include ‘Tears of Africa’, ‘My Woman’, ‘Ankwanoma’, and ‘Im Ready.

Few days ago, GhanaCelebrities.Com caught up with Makosa for a chit-chat. In the interview, he talked about his unending struggles in a bid to get his songs heard. Interestingly, he disclosed that he would have been a baker if he wasn’t doing music.

Currently, Makose is signed on to SM Mensah Entertainment. For bookings, you can contact his manager on 0244238500.

Check out the video interview with Makosa below…


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